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The Heart of Christmas


Series Name
British Movietone News


Issue No.
Date Released
22 Dec 1966
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Murrayfield - Aussies Out of Luck
  2. 2Hong Kong - Priorities for Progress
  3. 3Kids Bekome Kritics
  4. 4The Heart of Christmas


Story No. within this Issue
4 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: The Heart of Christmas. DESCRIPTION: A Christmas card comes to life in the picturesque setting of a Bavarian village. Over in France, children re-enact the Christmas story, celebrating the First Festival of ChristendomSEASONAL GREETING TO REPLACE END TITLE. SHOTLIST: MCU three men and a woman walk from behind camera to celebration of the first festival of Christendom. MS party walk onto bridge. MS procession on bridge. MS procession on bridge. MS ditto. MCU ditto. MCU ditto. LS people walking to the church. MS two men walk from behind camera through church archway. MS three men representing Three Wise Men, bringing gifts. MS Three Wise Men entering church. MS scene from Nativity play inside the church. CU doll lying on straw. CU boy dressed as a shepherd. MS another scene from play characters standing around manger. CU girl dressed as Mary. MS girl and another character looking at baby doll. LS night scenery party of skiers with lighted torches ski down slope - towards camera. GV ditto. MS pan skiers with torches past camera. LS skiers with torches passing through forest. MS skier with torch passing down slope. GV pan procession of skiers zigzagging down mountain side. MS skiers with torches approach and pass camera. GV skiers with torches.
Celebrations and festivals
France; Germany
Footage sources
Card file number
Leslie Mitchell
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