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1965 in Review


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British Movietone News


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27 Dec 1965
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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: 1965 in Review (Review of the Year 1965). SHOTLIST: CU newspaper headlines (UK). CU ditto (UK). MCU Mr Ian Smith with Mr Arthur Bottomley (UK). MS pan Africans in Rhodesia. MS Africans holding protest notices (Rhodesia). MS Mr Harold Wilson leaves No 10 Downing Street. CU Mr Edward Heath (UK). MS Mr Heath addressing the Conservative Party conference (UK). MS Mr Heath (UK). MCU ditto. MS white troops marching through the streets of Salisbury (Rhodesia). TS Kariba Dam (Rhodesia). MS water coming through sluice gates at Kariba Dam. MCU ditto. Pan water flowing from Kariba Dam. LAS pan power lines (Rhodesia). MS power station (Rhodesia). MS pylons (Rhodesia). MLS guns firing (Pakistan). MS Indians loading guns (Pakistan). MS field gun firing (Pakistan). MS Pakistani troops move forward (Pakistan). MCU U Thant talking to Mr Shastri (India). CU Mr Shastri (India). MS U Thant talking to Ayub Khan (Pakistan). MS ditto. MS wrecked village (Pakistan). Pan ditto with refugees leaving village (Pakistan). MS wrecked village with man crying in foreground (Pakistan). MCU nurse feeding man with feeding cup (Pakistan). MS nurse attending patient (Pakistan). MS refugees leaving bombed village (Pakistan). MS bare breasted dancers at Commonwealth Festival (UK). MCU drummer (UK). MCU bare breasted dancers (UK). MS ditto. MCU ditto. MCU ditto. MS Vietnamese sharing out food (Vietnam). MCU ditto. GV floating restaurant in Saigon. MS rescue workers (Vietnam). Pan corpses (Vietnam). Air to air bombers dropping bombs (Vietnam). Air to ground rocket firing plane fires rocket (Vietnam). Air to ground ditto. Air to ground dense jungle (Vietnam). CU helicopter pilot flying (Vietnam). Ground to air helicopters landing (Vietnam). MLS wounded being loaded aboard helicopters (Vietnam). Pan ditto (Vietnam). MCU two American GIs in dug out (Vietnam). MCU South Vietnamese soldier on walkie talkie (Vietnam). TS defenders in the trenches at Plei Me (Vietnam). MLS trenches at Plei Me (Vietnam). Pan bodies laid out (Vietnam). LS fire raging on the French Riviera (France). MCU firemen (France). MLS fire raging (France). MLS houseboat adrift in floods (Italy). MS Fiat car upside down in mud (Italy). MS soldiers removing furniture from house (Italy). MS ditto (Italy). Pan soldiers removing mattress from house (Italy). CU woman baling out water from house (Italy). MS woman crying at door pan down to mud around her ankles (Italy). CU woman crying at door (Italy). LS boy scrambling over slippery rocks in Miami during Hurricane Betsy (USA). Pan rescue workers looking for bodies at the avalanche at Zugspitze (West Germany). MS rescue worker with dog looking for bodies (West Germany). MS rescue workers (West Germany). MCU West German soldiers digging the snow with steel rods. MS rescue workers digging (West Germany). MS ditto. Air to ground of the disaster area around the Mattmark Dam (Switzerland). GV the Cambrian Colliery (UK). MS rescue workers about to go down to the coal face (UK). MS friends and relatives wait for news at the pit head (UK). Pan rescue workers bring a body up on a stretcher (UK). GV smoke rising over Los Angeles during the riots (USA). MLS smoke rising over house (USA). MS a wrecked supermarket (USA). Pan from highway patrol man to state trooper (USA). MCU highway patrol man searching negro for weapons (USA). MS highway patrol man searching another negro for weapons (USA). MCU highway patrol man takes a negro away for questioning (USA). MS rescue workers at work on the crashed BEA Vanguard (UK). GV crash scene (UK). MCU a piece of wreckage from the fuselage (UK). MLS rescue workers (UK). Pan Paul Mantz flying aircraft for 20th Century Fox Film (USA). MS pan plane crashes and kills Paul Mantz (USA). TS racing car past camera (Australia). Pan Jeff Freeman takes a corner crashes and dies (Australia). Pan Jim Clark driving car No 1 (West Germany). MS racing cars round bend (West Germany). MLS Jim Clark first over line (West Germany). MCU Clark receives victor’s laurels (West Germany). MS Robert Manry in Tinkerbelle (UK). CU ditto. BS ditto. LS 3rd Test Match in progress (UK). MLS Pollock to Barber. Barber hits ball pan to fielder (UK). MS crowd (UK). MLS Pollock to Barber to fielder (pan) (UK). MS ditto. TS pan Sea Bird racing Meadow Court to the finish in the Derby (UK). TS pan Sea Bird crosses line (UK). Pan Jay Trump and Freddie racing in Grand National (UK). Pan Jay Trump crosses the line just ahead of Freddie (UK). TS crowds welcome home Liverpool with the FA Cup (UK). TS ditto. TS ditto. MS Liverpool skipper shows crowd FA Cup (UK). TS crowd cheering (UK). MCU Stanley Matthews at Buckingham Palace (UK). Pan up Stan Matthews and Mary Rand (UK). MS left to right Mary Rand, Robbie Brightwell and Ann Packer (UK). BS teenagers storm Palace gates (UK). Pan Beatles holding their MBE’s (UK). LS teenager tries to climb Palace gates. MS Beatles holding their MBE’s. Pan Queen and Prince Philip driving in open car during their German tour (West Germany). CU German Eagle (West Germany). LS Queen and Prince Philip walking through crowd (West Germany). MCU people in crowd. MS Queen waves to crowd (West Germany). MLS East German guards on East German side of the wall. Pan barbed wire (West Germany). MS Brandenburg Gate. Pan from Brandenburg Gate to Queen driving away in car. TS cheering crowds (West Germany). CU Queen Elizabeth (West Germany). MCU Queen Elizabeth with Dr Erhard. LS Sir Winston Churchill’s coffin is carried down steps of Westminster Abbey (UK). MS ditto. MCU RAF guard of honour (UK). MS Lady Churchill and Randolph Churchill (UK). TS gun carriage. MCU crowds on bridge over Thames. TS pan launch passing under bridge. MLS Bladon Church and churchyard. MS Sir Winston’s grave. CU inscription on Sir Winston’s tombstone. MS Princess Beatrix and Herr Claus von Amsberg wave to crowd (Netherlands). MS crowd (Netherlands). MCU Princess and fiancé shaking hands with officials (Netherlands). MS ditto. Pan Lesley Langley parading for judges in Miss World Contest (UK). CU hands clapping. MS Lesley Langley walks away from judges. MS Albert Benison and two others gurning (UK). CU Albert Benison (UK). MS Russian cosmonauts turn somersault in space (Outer Space Russian camera). MS Edward White (American Astronaut) turns somersault in space (Outer Space USA camera). MS ditto. Zoom in Pope’s motor cavalcade during his visit to New York. Pan Pope’s car. CU woman in crowd (USA). LS Pope addressing the United Nations. MS ditto. MS Pope talking with President Lyndon B Johnson. CU ditto. MS children running to nuns (Congo). MS nuns feeding children (Congo). CU coloured girl pan down to small coloured boy with sores on his face (Congo). MCU Asian doctor treating child (Vietnam). MCU ditto. MCU Asian girl and boy child. CU Asian child eating with chopsticks. MS children playing (UK). CU man holding small girl (UK). MLS children playing. MS small boy and girl holding hands skip away from camera.
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Leslie Mitchell
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