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Dental Health - On Tap?


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
30 Aug 1965
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Hong Kong - Air Crash Tragedy
  2. 2Warm for Winter
  3. 3Dental Health - On Tap?
  4. 435 - 23 - 35


Story No. within this Issue
3 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Dental Health - on Tap?. DESCRIPTION: There seems to be some doubt as to whether the introduction of fluoride into our water supply is altogether beneficial to our dental health. Authoress Barbara Cartland is one of the most militant critics. She is offering bottles and containers of wild spring water to those who wish to buy it. SHOTLIST: MCU hand turns on tap to fill a glass. Pan up to youth drinking water from glass. MCU press cuttings about fluoride. CU pan down fluoride poster. MLS engineer checking the pumps at the water works. MCU check board at the water works. CU hands holding booklet on fluoride. MS chemist checking water. CU ditto. CU test tubes. CU water being boiled in chemist jug. MS dentist attending to a child’s teeth. MCU ditto. MS ditto. MCU ditto. CU baby in a pram. CU another. CU another. CU another. CU another. MS children going into school. MS ditto. GV lake at the water works. MCU fluoridator machine. MS engineer opens side of fluoridator. MCU fluoride pouring into the water. CU ditto. MCU ditto. CU ditto. LS chemist shop. MS woman looking at toothpaste on shelf. CU Colgate fluoride toothpaste. CU Kolynos fluoride toothpaste. CU Phillips fluoride toothpaste. CU youth cleaning his teeth. MS ditto. MCU woman drinking soft drink. CU ditto. MCU man drinking tea. MCU two men drinking beer. CU man drinking beer. MCU two men drinking beer. TS Barbara Cartland at writing desk. MS ditto. MS ditto. CU anti-fluoride booklet. MCU pan plastic cans. CU bottle label on Barbara Cartland’s water! TS Barbara Cartland filling bottle from a plastic can. CU ditto. MS ditto. CU ditto. CU Barbara Cartland. MS Barbara Cartland corking the bottle. Pan up holding it to the light.
Health and medicine; Writers
United Kingdom
Card file number
John Mould
Leslie Mitchell
Ronald E. Collins
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