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Room at the Top


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
7 Sep 1964
Date Other
Jun 1964
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Look - No Hands
  2. 2Penzance - Holiday Heliport
  3. 3The Old Ways Linger On
  4. 4Going Decimal Down-Under
  5. 5Room at the Top


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5 / 5
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Room at the Top!. DESCRIPTION: A French water-ski enthusiast demonstrated acrobatics in the water. Not just ordinary water-ski stunts, but, balancing on tables and chairs. SHOTLIST: Key scene. TS man water-skis on table. Front shot same lifts up second table. TS man stands up on second table. GV third table put on tow rope by man in boat. Zoom table on wire. LS skier lifting 3rd table from wire. MS same. LS skier stands up with 3rd table on arm. Front shot skier lifting 3rd table into place. MS skier crouching on 3rd table. Front shot same. LS skier receiving chair from wire, front. LS same places chair in position. LS same stands up on chair and falls off into water. MCU outboard motor on boat, front. LS skier on top of tables and chair falls off again. Side shot skier on tables again. Front shot same falls off again. Side shot same on top of tables. Side shot same falls off again. GV skier on top of tables. GV same falls off again. Front shot skier on tables and chairs. Side shot same stands up. Pan up tables to skier. Front shot same stands on tables and chair again.
Entertainment and leisure; Stunts
France; Herblay
Footage sources
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Leslie Mitchell
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