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Away with Floods


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
13 Jul 1964
Date submitted
29 Jun 1964
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Nuclear Visitor
  2. 2Orphans of the Wild
  3. 3Away with Floods
  4. 4Commonwealth Conference


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3 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Away With Floods. DESCRIPTION: In New South Wales a special laboratory has been set up to design flood mitigation works from Maitland to the sea. An accurate scale model of the territory has been constructed; and the idea is to guide flood-water to the ocean through areas where they’ll cause least damage. Away with floods - that’s the big idea; and if they can’t be done away with altogether, do your best to cramp their style. SHOTLIST: Key scene. GV pan damage caused by floods in Maitland (1955). CU water through fence. TS same through houses. MS people standing next to houses with water pouring through. MS pan water running down high street. MCU sign Department of Public Works New South Wales Hydraulics and Soils Laboratory and pan to works. GV model of countryside and model of river. MS man opening small sluice gate. CU water flowing through same. TS model of flowing river. CU model river flooding model of countryside. GV flooded roads (Maitland). GV Maitland with floods.
Science and technology
Australia; New South Wales; Manly Vale
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Leslie Mitchell
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