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Paintings Past and Present


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
7 May 1962
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Driving by Oil
  2. 2Paintings Past and Present
  3. 3The Cup Final (In Colour)


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2 / 3
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Paintings Past and Present. DESCRIPTION: Piccott’s End in Hertfordshire has been famous for its medieval wall paintings (our pictures show 2 examples) since religious murals were discovered there in 1953, during the restoration of some cottages. Now, other murals being discovered are believed to date from a later period, probably Jacobean times. So far, work isn’t very far advanced, but if they turn out to be as remarkable as the original discovery, they’ll make a valuable contribution to our knowledge of early painting. Now, to a discovery which Londoners make every year, the Embankment Art Exhibition. It’s the first chance to do a bit of open air work. And if you want to understand the abstracts..... For the serious art lover, the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition is one of the year’s highlights. Our pictures show just a few of the selected works. They include Piazza by James Fitton, a striking self-portrait by the late Augustus John, two portraits by Judy Cassab, and finally 3 studies of the Queen in bronze, by the Academy’s President, Sir Charles Wheeler. SHOTLIST: Man walks into building. Sign. Medieval wall paintings. Man looks at wall. Design on wall. Man painting wall. Inside of house. Pan roof of house. Zoom in picture. Pan down painting on wall. Painting. Another. Another. Embankment Art Exhibition. Man. Pan up painting. Woman knitting. Cat. Picture. Dog. Cat. Picture. Painting. Little boy. Girls look at painting. Painting. Man scratches head. Woman knitting. Man and woman. Hall of paintings. Man looks at painting. CU painting. Another. Nun on bike (painting). Man (painting). Princess Marina (painting) Duchess of Kent. The Queen (in bronze).
Buildings and structures; Arts and crafts
London; Hertfordshire; Piccott’s End
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Leslie Mitchell
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