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Movietone’s Easter Parade


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
17 Apr 1952
Date submitted
15 Apr 1952
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  1. 1Royal Maundy Money
  2. 2Movietone’s Easter Parade


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2 / 2
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Movietone’s Easter Parade. DESCRIPTION: Easter Parade in Hyde Park - Herne Hill cycling - Little-ship racing at Teddington - Horse racing at Kempton - Lake District rambles and picnics - hounds trials - Easter weddings in Town and Country - Goodwood Car Racing - Hampstead Heath - The Zoo - Blackpool - Brighton - Outboard racing near Seattle, Washington. SHOTLIST: Cut story - KS. Crowd scenes. Dense crowds at Hyde Park. Easter Bonnet Parade, girls wearing various types pass through crowd. CU one eating her hat. . Herne Hill - Cyclists park. Crowds in stands. Start of cycle race. Reddington - Various shots yachts racing. Kempton - Various fashions, horses parade, horses racing, SCU horse passing winning post. Herne Hill - Cyclists still stationary. Lake District - Picnic scenes beside Lake Coniston, rambler putting on his boots, GV walking through forestland, climbing hilly country. . Hounds Trial - Start of ace, hounds over wall, across country out of camera, winning dog passing line. CU winner. Herne Hill - Cyclists still not moving. Wandsworth - Weddings of several couples at registry office, SCU of couple. Langley, Bucks - Wedding, country church, arrival of bride. Inside church, walking down aisle preceded by clergy. Exterior GV church, married couple coming out. Goodwood - Various fashions at same. Stirling Moss. Start of race, racing shot during Richmond Trophy, Gonzalez races, daffodils in fore. Chequered flag going down, & back to Herne Hill, with the cyclists really racing, at speed. Hampstead Heath - various shots of fair ground, roundabouts, coconut shies, etc. London Zoo - Parrots, several shots, camel carrying passengers, GV Brumas now much bigger. Crowds at the zoo. Blackpool - GVs of the promenade. People having their photos taken, looking through holes in cardboard, usual stuff. Brighton - GV people seated on deck-chairs along promenade, panning to beach, shows hundreds basking in the sun, others going into sea. GV of the crowded beach. Seattle, Washington - Various shots of outboard racing on river, passing cows, also golfers, who run away. Outboard motor boats bumping along river, washing catches in motor boat. One goes through chicken run, & back into water. CU chicken on outboard motor boat, with driver grabbing at same to finish.
Sport; Buildings and structures; Ships and boats; Entertainment and leisure; Vehicles; Food and cooking; Women; Motor racing; Environment; Curiosities; Competitions; Dogs; Celebrations and festivals; Athletics; Sailing; Cycling; Speed records; Marriages; Fashion and costume; Water sports; Animals; Exhibitions and shows; Scenery and travel
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United States of America
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Leslie Mitchell
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