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Germany in the Dust: Death of a Nation


Series Name
Warwork News


Issue No.
Paramount Issue No.
Date Released
7 May 1945
Released by Paramount
7 May 1945
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Germany in the Dust: Death of a Nation


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1 / 1
Bologna liberated - Germans surrender. General Alexander. Allied troops march through the town - greeted by delighted crowds. At Casserta Palace, near Naples, two German Generals sign unconditional surrender in presence of Red Army officers. General Morden reads the terms. Close ups of Hitler and other Nazi leaders ... Himmler, Doenitz ... flashback to Hitler’s days of power ... torchlit processions, Blackshirts, the burning of the books, the taking-over of religion, Goebbels and Goering, Hitler Youth Movement, reoccupation of the Rhine Zone, Goering, shots from Hitler’s 50th birthday parade, conquest of Czechoslovakia and Austria ... Germany at the top. Now the ruin of German ending in unconditional surrender. Means by which Germany was reduced ... Battle of Britain, Stalingrad victory, D-Day, Desert victory. The liberation of Paris is shown; General de Gaulle. Churchill and chiefs of Allied Armed Forces cross Rhine. Commentary tells us that the war was caused by "sadistic, greedy nations, themselves unbalanced".
Politics and government; Aviation; Ceremonies; Occupied territories; Military

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