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Fifty Years of Cinematography


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War Pictorial News


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12 Jun 1944
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  1. 1Fifty Years of Cinematography


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Early development of cinematography: Lumiere, William Fox-Talbot, William Freise-Greene, Edison. Early newsreel (eg: Edward VIII as a child, Mrs Pankhurst). Early stars of the silent screen, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Dorothy Gish, Rudolph Valentino. Political events spotlighted by the camera - film of Lenin, Spanish Civil War (?) [sic]; more recently Dunkirk, the invasion of Paris by Nazis, footage of Hitler, London under air attack and how British cope, British Commando raids on Lofoten Islands and Vaagso in December 1941, fighting conditions in New Guinea, Americans in the Pacific, Montgomery, preparations for the invasion of Europe, Germans in Paris, Free French, anti-Bolshevik rally. US NATIONAL ARCHIVE ENTRY: 9 min, sd, B&W, 35 mm On the history of the motion picture. Shows old snapshots and early cameras; Thomas Edison posing; an early film showing a woman jumping over a chair; a London street in the 1890s; King George VI as a child; a Suffragette parade and demonstrations; beach scenes; Sarah Bernhardt, Mary Pickford, Billie Burke, Douglas Fairbanks, and Rudolph Valentino in early film roles. RAF pilots posing during World War I; Lenin speaking, Russian cossacks riding; Nazi bombers in flight; explosions, ruins and corpses in Warsaw; the troop evacuation of Dunkirk; Hitler and Goebbels reviewing troops in Paris; ruins in London; British tanks and infantry advancing over the Libyan desert, masses of Italian prisoners; Nazi tanks advancing in Russia under air cover; British commandos striking Lofoten Island in assault boats; explosions at Spitsbergen; Nazi prisoners surrendering at Vaagso; British anti-aircraft on Malta firing at Nazi planes; Hirohito reviewing Japanese troops; Japanese bombers striking Pearl Harbour, debris being removed from the harbour; burning US warships; General MacArthur speaking in Australia; US troops advancing in New Guinea’s mud; US ships bombarding Midway Island; supplies being dropped by parachute on New Guinea; a US carrier under kamikaze attack; General Montgomery and British tanks entering Tripoli; US and British soldiers going ashore on Sicily; Nazi troops parading in Paris; a Nazi meeting in the city; and an assembly of the FFI in a forest. Record Group 208 - Accession 3276
Royalty; Politics and government; Mass media; Children; Women; Aviation; Science and technology; Ceremonies; Demonstrations; War damage; Prisoners of war; Exile; Performing arts; Military; History and archaeology

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