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Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin: Review of 1948


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British Movietone News


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30 Dec 1948
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10 Dec 1948
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  1. 1Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin: Review of 1948


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Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Review of the Year. DESCRIPTION: HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST YEAR RECALLED BY LIONEL GAMLIN. COMPILED BY SJ WIGGINS SHOTLIST: KS CU book title British History. Hand opens book, disclosing credit titles. SCU Princess Elizabeth seated, holding Prince Charles, Duke of Edinburgh stands behind them. CU Princess pan to baby on her lap. Crowds line streets. Elevated GV Royal coach leaves Buckingham Palace with King & Queen on Silver Wedding. Panning round Queen Victoria Memorial. Interior CU King & Queen - posed shot. Interior - CU King in naval uniform. FADE Truman before Presidential Election, stands on rostrum & addresses huge crowd, saying Senator Barkley & I will win this election & make the Republicans like it. Crowds outside White House. Truman walks through crowds acknowledging them. Crowds waving. GV Capitol. FADE GV Test Cricket ground. Denis Compton batting. Ray Lindwall bowling. Don Bradman clean bowled, Bradman walks off pitch. Bradman at a luncheon speaks about his creaks & groans that go on in his body out in the field. GV Wembley Stadium with nationalities assembled, pigeons released. GV men’s open 100 metres, Dillard (Negro) wins, Ewell thought he had won. Pan of 400 metres relay, changing the batons. GV result board. MS 80 metres, Fanny Blankers-Koen wins from Maureen Gardner (hurdles). Winner & second on rostrum after race. GV Wembley Arena with all nationalities assembled. FADE UNO insignia. Sixteen nations meet in Paris. Truman signs Marshall Aid Pact in America. US troops patrol in Berlin. Sector sign in Berlin. American & Russian troops talk (silent). GV idle railways, deserted. British sector signpost. Idle canals. Dakota flying along air corridor. Map of Berlin, shows supply lines. Sides of bacon, flour etc. being loaded onto plane. 5 Nations Pact meets, Trygve Lie as President. CU Pact. MS Monty after alighting from plane. UNO meets in Paris, Vyshinsky exercised 28th veto. In Rome, crowds walk through with clenched fist, banner of Togliatti. SCU Togliatti on rostrum addresses crowds. In Prague, riots are in progress, police, foot & mounted police fight with civilians. Still of President Gottwald. SCU Dr Benes. CU Tito. GV Palestine fighting & Jewish troops on lookout. King Abdullah inspects Arab Legion, the latter in the fore. SCU Count Bernadotte in uniform (2 scenes). His coffin being placed aboard an ambulance. Ambulance convoy passes along roads. Gandhi walks to prayers. GV & MS of Gandhi’s burning ghat. MS Jinnah walks amid his people. SCU Jinnah. LS Kashmir hills. GV patrols in the hills. GV Hyderabad, bridge in fore. Indian army enter city, tanks, armoured cars, pass along road. GVs Burmese pagodas. SCU Burmese flag flying. MS of Burmese types in streets of Burma. At No 10 Downing Street, Mr Attlee hands over independence, to Burmese delegates. GV Ceylon beach with swaying palm trees. GV of Ceylonese delegates at meeting. MS Mr Senanayake at Dominion Conference, Attlee with him. Pan of delegates includes Liaquat Ali Khan & Pandit Nehru. GV Commonwealth Conference. Exterior shot of Eire Parliament Building. MS Costello with other officials outside. CU Smuts in uniform. African delegates in London. In East Africa, Strachey inspects ground nuts scheme. SCU ration book being opened in girl’s hands. Car drives into garage & petrol being issued. MS Belcher posing for cameras. Panning shot of train at speed, with British Railways on side (nationalisation) of same. CU Air Vice-Marshal Bennett at his home. SCU Bennett with his wife. CU Sir Charles Reid. GV Houses of Parliament river in fore. GV steel furnaces being lined, similar to feeding with fuel. Molten metal runs from ladle. Red hot steel running along conveyors. CU British History Book to finish. REVIEW OF THE YEAR TAPE - BMN 353. TIMECODE IN: 00:48:45:00. OUT: 00:58:32:03
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Alec Tozer
Lionel James Gamlin
Paul Wyand
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