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A Century before Lunch


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12 Jul 1926
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1A Century before Lunch
  2. 2'Jack at Play’
  3. 3'The Boys Behind the Guns’
  4. 4World’s Greatest Gasworks
  5. 5The ‘Moth’ and the ‘Monster’
  6. 6Cinematograph Garden Party Tag
  7. *Birmingham Charity Sports
  8. *Leeds Tercentenary

* Story has local or special distribution


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1 / 6
[1ST SUBTITLE]: "Macartney creates record in Third ‘Test’ at Leeds." Cricket. Third Test match between England and Australia at Headingley. Crowd in front of pavilion. Carr and Bardsley toss. Carr leads out the England team: Woolley, Chapman, Sutcliffe, Hobbs, Tate, Strudwick, Macauley, Kilner, Geary and Hendren, followed by Woodfull and Bardsley. [2ND SUBTITLE]: "Fatal first ball brings Bardsley out for a duck". Bardesley walks back, Tate with the ball in the background. Tate runs into bowl. Macartney turns the ball on the leg side. Play in progress. Scoreboard shows score at 132 for 1, with Macartney on 100. Long shot of play in progress, Macartney facing Kilner. Macartney missing a leg glance. Woodfull hit on toe, then driving for his century.
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