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Series Name
New Pictorial


Issue No.
Date Released
19 Mar 1951
Length of issue (in feet)
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Coal Mines
  2. 2Whitehall Forge
  3. 3Feathers
  4. 4Olivelli’s


Story No. within this Issue
4 / 4
SHOTLIST: (London) LS Store Street. MS top of building, pan down to Olivelli’s underneath. MS Olivelli’s, two people walk in door. GV Johnny Dennis signing ‘Have I Told you Lately that I Love You’ with partner Netta Rogers (Nat Snd) MS couple round table listening. LS cowboy singing. MS Joy Nicholls and Wally Peterson sitting at table drinking tea out of joke cups fixed to saucers. LS cowboy and girl as they finish song, audience applaud. MS Mr Olivelli in crowd. CS Derek Roy and Brian Reece at table. MS crowd. MS Allan Allen getting into straight-jacket helped by Derek Roy. CU Adelaide Hall at table, eating. CU piano with front out playing. MS Allan Allen being tied up. CU Hannen Swaffer and Gold of Naughten and Gold. MS Derek Roy eating spaghetti. CU piano. Ape getting on to a man’s shoulders and scratching head. CU woman lying on table with alligator walking over. CU Felix Mendelssohn. CU woman with alligator on table. MS conjuror showing girl empty serviette. He wraps up serviette. CS tearing serviette, budgerigar hops out, on to hand. CU Elizabeth Welch talking to Hannen Swaffer. CU Gold (of Naughton & Gold) eating pie. MS Mr Olivelli. MCU Mrs Olivelli. MS ape man wrestling with Tarzan. CU notice ‘Petrified Heart of a Late Variety Agent’ with heart hanging underneath. CU notice ‘This space vacant to show the dirt behind these photos’. LS CU Adelaide Hall singing (Nat Snd.). CU Hannen Swaffer and company looking on. CU Hall singing. CU Derek Roy and Brian Reece. CS waitress pauses to watch Hall singing. CU Hall singing. CU cowboy and partner eating. CU Adelaide Hall singing. CU Joy Nicholls and husband watching. CU Adelaide Hall singing.
Entertainment and leisure; Food and cooking; Performing arts
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