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Special Announcement


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Pathe Gazette


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31 Dec 1945
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  1. 1Special Announcement
  2. 2Atlantic Chanters (Title over Church)


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Pathe Gazette, pioneer of all newsreels, announces an outstanding development in screen news coverage. [16 ft] News has become more international than ever. To bring you exclusive news within a few hours of its happening in any part of the world Pathe has linked up with Pathe News of New York and Pathe Journal of Paris. [21 ft] Globe of the world. [19 ft] Scenes of Paris. [20 ft] Scenes of New York. [54 ft] Names of European capitals out of camera magazines. [24 ft] Scenes of London. [35 ft] To mark this development we are modernising our title and simplifying our name. In future look for this [13 ft]:- New "Pathe News" main lead and play-in music. [25 ft] We are honoured on this occasion to screen a personal message from the President of the United States if America. [14 ft] Message from President Truman. [61 ft] Before we screen the first news of 1946 here, from Pathe’s historic library we revive memories of news 20,30 and 40 years ago. [15 ft] Orville Wright makes first power driven aeroplane flight 1903. [18 ft] Unveiling of Queen Victoria’s Memorial 1911. [18 ft] Coronation procession of King George V. [20 ft] Investiture of Prince of Wales. [3 ft [sic]] Declaration of War 1914. [51 ft] Mussolini’s march on Rome 1922. [15 ft] Tokyo’s earthquakes ruins 1923. [14 ft] Lenin’s funeral. [26 ft] First Labour Government 1924. [15 ft] Cup Final at Wembley 1926. [32 ft] Dunkirk evacuation 1940. [35 ft] 1946 (Title over bells). [8 ft]
Royalty; Commemorations; Sport; Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Aviation; Business and commerce; Ceremonies; Football; Accidents and disasters; Military; Funerals; Newsreels
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Pathe now also handles the Reuters Historical Collection, which includes the British Paramount, Empire British, Gaumont Graphic and Gaumont British newsreels.
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