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Pathetone Weekly

1930 - 1941
Cinemagazine - Entertainment
Pathetone Weekly was first released weekly in March 1930 with a view to incorporating all the semi-news events that passed into the Pathe organisation around the world. The series was created by Fred Watts, who ran all of Pathe’s cinemagazines and he seems to have remained in editorial control throughout its history. In 1935 Kinematograph Weekly noted that, like Pathe Pictorial, Pathetone Weekly incorporated ‘the novel, the amusing and the strange.' Pathetone Weekly continued in production until February 1941.
This database has been compiled from documents in the Slade Film History Register, which are not contemporary issue sheets, but typed lists probably of a later date. These sheets cover the period from March 1930 to February 1941, but they are not very informative, carrying simply a title and sometimes a small description of content plus length. It has therefore been difficult to assign keywords to this newsreel.
Other Information
The rights to all Pathe newsreels and cinemagazines made in Britain are held by and managed by British Pathe which holds a complete run of Pathetone Weekly. Selected items are also held by the BFI National Archive.

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Pathe now also handles the Reuters Historical Collection, which includes the British Paramount, Empire British, Gaumont Graphic and Gaumont British newsreels.
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