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Ace Cinemagazine

1937 - 1938
Cinemagazine - Entertainment
Ace Cinemagazine was made and distributed by Ace Films Ltd. It began in January 1937, with 26 one-reelers with punning titles. Each issue was made up of several seemingly unconnected items on themes ranging from manufacturing techniques to dance routines and nature studies to jokes. The series ran for nearly 90 issues with the last, BALANCING FIGURES released in October 1938.
This database is an attempt to reconstruct the output of Ace Cinemagazine from the Monthly Film Bulletin, the BFI’s BID database, Today’s Cinema, Low, Rachael ‘Films of Comment and Persuasion of the 1930s’ and details published in contemporary trade journals, particularly the Kinematograph Weekly, as well as feedback from NoS users.
Other Information
Ace Cinemagazine was not numbered by Ace Films. We have created our own issue numbers in order to help with chronology.

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