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Gaumont Graphic

1910 - 1932
The Gaumont Graphic was a silent newsreel which was issued from 25 October 1910 to 29 December 1932. In November 1929, Gaumont launched a new sound newsreel, the Gaumont Sound News, and for the next three years the Graphic functioned as its silent counterpart for smaller cinemas which did not possess sound. After the demise of the Gaumont Graphic, the Gaumont Sound News continued until the launch of the Gaumont British News in 1934.

The initial editorial arrangements of the Gaumont Graphic are unknown, but from 1913 it was edited by Alec Braid. In 1915 Braid was replaced by Alexander Victor, but by the following year Victor had himself been replaced by Louis Behr, who remained in editorial control of the Gaumont Graphic and Gaumont Sound News until 1934.
The database for the Gaumont Graphic was compiled from a variety of sources: documents in the Slade Film History Register (selected story details from typescript lists produced long after release, probably for library use but only covering the period from February 1915 to January 1925); issue sheets for numbers 1-141 (24/10/1910-29/7/1912) and 277-479 (27/11/1913-25/10/1915) and data from Newsfilm Online (
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The rights to Gaumont Graphic are held by Reuters Television and it is managed for them by the ITN Source. The ITN Source holds material substantially from 1920 onwards, while the BFI National Archive holds the equivalent original film material, owing to an agreement to copy the original nitrate material with former owners Visnews.

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British Pathe Ltd (qv) also handles the Reuters Historical Collection, which includes the British Paramount, Empire British, Gaumont Graphic and Gaumont British newsreels.
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