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Raylton Fleming ("Ray")


Director; Producer
Newsreels / Cinemagazines
Mining Review; British Calendar; Transatlantic Teleview; Dateline Britain; Moslems In Britain; Viewpoint
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Raylton Fleming worked as a production assistant for Data Film Productions, and as such, worked on several Mining Review stories. His credits include Production Assistant for ‘A DIM VIEW’ in Mining Review 2nd Year No.5 of January 1949 and Director for ‘PITMEN’S DERBY’ in Mining Review 2nd Year No.12 of August 1949.

From 1956 Ray Fleming worked for Film and Television Divisions, of the Central Office of Information (COI). He initially worked on a number of series such as Transatlantic Teleview, Dateline Britain, Viewpoint and Topic. He was instrumental in the creation of the ‘news magazine’ series British Calendar, later Calendar. In the COI monthly report for December 1959 it was noted ‘As a result of discussions while Mr Fleming was in NY, preliminary work was begun on a low cost news magazine series for the US to be called The British Calendar. The first issue is scheduled for despatch to NY late in January’. He also co-produced early issues of the technicolor cinemagazine series, ‘Roundabout’ (1962-1974). Some of his credits include ‘FACE OF YOUTH’, Dateline Britain No.1, released in 1959 and ‘CARDIFF’, Moslems In Britain No.2, released 1961.


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