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  1. Presenting: Review of the Year

    Date released
    3 Jan 1972
    Series name
    British Movietone News
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    Story no
    1 / 1

    MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Review of the Year. DESCRIPTION: We look back on the highlights of 1971... The dramas, tragedies and achievements of the past twelve monthsPlease note our next edition will contain...

    News on Screen News on Screen Cinema news Cinema news Online Online Moving image Moving image
  2. Abortion: Whose Choice? (1996 Video)

    Social welfare
    Sale, Videocassette. VHS. col. 20 min., 1998 sale: £25.00 (+VAT +p&p)

    Focuses on three women speaking frankly about their different experiences of abortion, including illegal abortion. Shows some of the dilemmas and difficulties to be encountered, and challenges the view that...

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  3. Hamlet: Ophelia, Gertrude, And Female Agency (2022 Audio)

    Shakespeare Anyone?

    Podcast created, produced and hosted by American actors Korey Leigh Smith and Elyse Sharp, two self-confessed ‘Shakespeare nerds’ who devote multiple episode to analysing the Bard’s work. In this...

    Shakespeare Shakespeare Shakespeare productions Shakespeare productions Online Online
  4. Germaine Greer on abortion (1977)

    Interview; News report

    Interview with writer Germaine Greer on women’s abortion rights. The interview takes place at a demonstration against William Benyon’s bill seeking amendment of the law on abortion. Male reporter not...

    LBC IRN LBC IRN Radio Radio Online Online Audio Audio
  5. Counterpoint: Abortion debate - nd [1975-1986]

    A debate programme about Abortion. The 3rd Reading Panel Abortion Rights Campaign. Includes several participants and phone-ins with different opinions. Tomorrow [?] the House of Parliament will have to vote...

    ILR South ILR South Radio Radio Online Online Audio Audio
  6. From the Arctic to the Caribbean: Film Indexes and Databases on the Moving Image Gateway

    21 Jul 2016, 15:25
    Andrew Ormsby
    Post Type

    This Gateway includes over 1,900 websites relating to moving image and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email...

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  7. Abortion: Whose Decision? (1987 Video)

    Hugh Phillips
    Politics & government
    Sale, Videocassette. Standard formats. col. 25 min., 1994 sale: £175.00 (+VAT +p&p)

    Examines the issue of abortion, showing the way that public policy on abortion was decided by the Supreme Court using a process known as judicial review. Illustrates by talking to some of the participants,...

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  8. Abortion (1979 Multimedia)

    Medical sciences
    out of distribution, 30 slides. col.

    Presents abortion as being post-conception contraception which the author feels will be necessary until completely satisfactory methods of contraception become available. Some of the indications for abortion...

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  9. Recollections of illegal abortion (1980)


    Interview with a female speaker named Jean about her recollections of undergoing an illegal abortion in a London hotel. The interview coincides with MP John Corrie’s proposed Parliamentary amendment to the...

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  10. Abortion (2013)

    Joe Jenkins
    Philosophy; Religious studies; Social Studies
    Sale, DVD (Region 2 PAL, 52 minutes), £65.00

    This DVD includes three films exploring the ethical, legal and religious dimensions of the abortion debate. The first film, ABORTION: ANCIENT AND MODERN 1 (18 minutes) explores legal and ethical attitudes to...

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