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Counterpoint: Abortion debate - nd [1975-1986]

Counterpoint: Abortion debate - nd [1975-1986]
A debate programme about Abortion. The 3rd Reading Panel Abortion Rights Campaign. Includes several participants and phone-ins with different opinions. Tomorrow [?] the House of Parliament will have to vote on the Act that reduces the right to abortion from during the period of 28 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. There is a review of this Act, and some people is against. Before the Act, which has created some opposition. Before the Act, there were about 30 thousand abortions per year. It is a moral , as well as a and medical issue. It is approximated that this will create a reduction of at least 20 percent of the abortions in this country. But on the other hand, people are afraid that this Act, will make so called ‘back street’ abortions even more dangerous. There is an interview with a girl that had such a bad experience in a hotel room 13 years ago. Interviews with Elizabeth Dale, a physioterapist, talking about the dangers of abortion to the body and physical health, especially in the case of young girls. There is another interview with a member of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Child. He talks about their position. A child, since conceived in pregnancy, has the protection under the UN declaration of Children’s Right. He believes the House of Parliament will have to ammend this law. Interview with Steve Bacon, member of Life Tonight, an anti-abortion organisation. They want to help people to understand their point-of-view. He is against abortion with exception when the mother’s life is in danger. Another interview with Linda... of Reading District Council of Churches. She represents a Catholic view, totally against abortion. She says child and mother have equal moral rights. Another lady says that the back street abortions last year killed 37 women. Interview with Brother Simon of a Catholic School. He opposes abortion on moral grounds. Sue, in a phone-in, declares her belief that the bad bill for all of us. Brother Simon reasserts his view about the Bill: he believes there is a basic fundamental principle involved: the respect for human life that should be protected by society. More people give their opinions by telephone. We will know tomorrow the results of this campaign. [Box 6]
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Chris Kelly
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