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Our kind of town

Our kind of town
Interview; Documentary
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31 May 1980
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This week’s edition of Our Kind of Town is presented by Rodney Bennett. In the first part he visits the food and wine festival at Alexandra Palace and talks to organiser Tony Stopani(?); Paulo Jop(?) from Senegal; Dave Burns from the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA); John Payne of Appleford health foods; and sausage maker August Hershner(?). The second half looks at flying, talking to pilot and author of From Croydon to Concorde, Captain Ron E Gillman about his life; model aeroplane enthusiast Len Mount(?) on flying model aircraft; MacGregor Industries sales manager David Brand(?).
Rodney Bennett; John Payne; Tony Stopani(?); Paulo Jop(?); Dave Burns; Len Mount(?); David Brand(?); Ron E. Gillman
Books; Aircraft; USA; Air accidents; Legislation; Transport; Cultural events; London; EEC; Common markets; Meat; Films; Pilots; Aeroplanes; Autobiographies; Hobbyists; Festivals; Citizens Band radio; Europe; Cuisine; Air force; Multiculturalism; Japan; Radio; Allocation of frequencies; Computers; Air safety; Food; Beverages; Wine; Aerospace industry; Social class; Supersonic aeroplanes; Concorde; Campaign groups; Alexandra Palace; Civil aircraft; Air transport; Beer; Alcoholic beverages; Star Wars; Fish; Helicopters; Interference; Radio frequencies; Hobbies; Healthy eating; Ale; Food colourings; Food additives; CAMRA; Computer aided design; British cuisine; Food preservatives; Food customs; Plant products; African cultures; European cultures; Fugu; Flavourings; Johnny Welford(?); Supersonic transport planes; Models (miniatures); MacGregor Industries; From Croydon to Concorde

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