My millennium

My millennium
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29 Jan 1996
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My Millennium asks leading men and women to outline their vision of the world beyond 2000: David Banks talks to an optimistic Barbara Castle. Covers her career and achievements; celebration plans; futility of milestone dates; decay of society; need for the young to feel valued; unemployment; trade union power; socialism and public ownership; gap between rich and poor; House of Lords reform and the monarchy; equal opportunity; Thatcherism; Tony Blair and New Labour; the EEC; need to bring beauty and creativity back to society to reduce anti-social behaviour; what we bequeath to the new millennium. Producer Simon Hobbs, series devised by Jackie(?) Wilson.
Barbara Castle; Simon Hobbs; David Banks; Jackie(?) Wilson
Deaths; Trade unions; Labour Party; Future society; EEC; Unemployment; Socialism; Equal opportunity; House of Lords; Monarchy; Future developments; Tony Blair; Forecasting; Public ownership; Barbara Castle; Urban development; Philip Lawrence; Millennium celebrations

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