Hayes on Sunday

Hayes on Sunday
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21 Aug 1977
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John Perkins hosts the Brian Hayes show and his first guest is Matthew Manning, who has the ability to bend metal and repair stopped watches, using only his will. He talks of the tests he underwent in Toronto, and gives his theory on why he has these unusual powers. Next is Lawrence Harding and Sheham Botros(?), of the Arabic and International Visitors organisation, who look after the needs of Arab visitors to London. They debate the generalisation that all Arabs are rich, and the reasons they choose London to visit. Anthony Harris, author of Overdrive: A Human Maintenance Manual, discusses how to avoid stress and keep the mind and body in the best possible condition. Next is Jim Mortimer of the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), to talk about the organisation. Finally, David Lacey, the Guardian’s football correspondent, discusses the future of the England manager’s position.
John Perkins; Jim Mortimer; Matthew Manning; Anthony Harris; David Lacey; Lawrence Harding; Sheham Botros(?)
Books; Authors; London; Sport; Health; ACAS; Association football; Arbitration; Tourism; England (football team); Arabs; Psychotronics; Matthew Manning; Overdrive: A Human Maintenance Manual; Anthony Harris; Mental stress

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