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Morning Call Archive No.18: A selection of interviews: Patrick Moore; Clare Francis. Living in the 17th Century Exhibition - nd [1985]

Morning Call Archive No.18: A selection of interviews: Patrick Moore; Clare Francis. Living in the 17th Century Exhibition - nd [1985]
Morning Call Archive No.18: A selection of interviews from Radio Victory’s Morning Call series, compiled as an archive reel by the station. TRACKS 1-3 PATRICK MOORE. Describes Saturn as seen through telescope and Saturn’s moon, Titan. He is using a 15 inches reflector telescope. More information about Saturn has been provided by space probe Voyager. Talks about most suitable telescope for beginners, are 2 types, reflectors and refractors [describes these] smallest telescope any good for astronomy is reflector with 6 inches mirror or refractor with 3 inches mirror [at least 200 pounds]. It is better to buy good binoculars than small telescope if money limited. Would like to have gone into space, has done lunar and planetary mapping for space programme [including Apollo]. Book Stargazing, about astronomy with the naked eye. His book Stargazing has star charts to help observer identify stars at different times of year. Planets move but are more identifiable than stars as individuals. Constellation names mostly given by Ptolemy. Constellations can be identified by using his book. Astronomy is basis of all timekeeping and navigation. Is also connected with other sciences. There are many practical uses of astronomy. Enemies of astronomy are clouds, trees and artificial light. Talks about observations that have been spoilt by cloud. Halley’s Comet due in 1985-6. Describes comets, meteors and shooting stars. Stresses danger of looking at sun through binoculars or telescope even with darkened lens. BAND 4- CLARE FRANCIS. Single with Judy Zuke Retired from sailing 8 years ago, many reasons for giving up. Sails for pleasure, now has new boat Night Sky, named after 1st novel which was great success. Now writes fiction continously [on 3rd novel]. 2nd novel Red Crystal, political thriller set in late 60s. Enjoys research for books. She was student in late 60s, partly in LSE, exciting time when students making voices heard. Music. Clare Francis likes reggae and opera. Trained as ballet dancer at Royal Ballet School. Left when she was 17. Then tried RADA and acting. No confidence to act. Enjoys writing - creative. First transatlantic voyage private. Later trips sponsored. Regards self as foolhardy and stubborn in sailing days, not brave. Enjoys publicising her books. Has friends in Lymington. Adverts: Hampshire Buggy Centre, Ariel, Southern Electricity. Got MBE in 1977. Recalls award at Buckingham Palace. Is interested in conservation and anti-cruelty. Is a vegetarian. Has at least another 10 years ahead writing, is lonely but suits her. Enjoys writing and keeping reader guessing. Possible that Red Crystal could be televised. TRACKS 5-7 LIVING IN THE 17TH CENTURY EXHIBITION. MATT HOPPER interviews soldier, training takes place in winter as well. Matt Hopper visits physician for cure for stomach ache. Tithing man’s oath taken. Interview with STUART PEACHEY who ensures food served at village is authentic. Food good in C17. Describes making sausages. Life strutured in C17. Describes butter making - sweet butter and salt butter. Alehouses were licensed. Clothes hot but not as bad as might be because are of natural fibres. Baths not taken very often. DAVE BROWN and ROBERT LINFORTH describes why they enjoy trying to live as if were in C17. Help stop them take present day society for granted. Adapt to new environment. [Box 6]
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Track 4 includes music; short pauses at approx 10, 14, 10 and 24 mins. Tracks 5-7 left channel only on location inserts.
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Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Radio Victory
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Patrick Moore; Clare Francis; Dave Brown; Robert Linforth
Matt Hopper

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