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Safeguarding - Spotting Signs of Abuse and Neglect (2 Parts)

NSPCC education advisor, John Stead, safeguarding experts, and primary and secondary teachers, discuss how to spot the signs of abuse and neglect, in order to better protect children. One 15-minutes programme covers primary schools and the other secondary schools. Education Advisor at the NSPCC, John Stead, and Chair of the British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (BASPCAN), Jonathan Picken, outline case studies of child abuse and neglect cases identified within schools.

1) Primary teacher Alice Osbourne explains her duty as a teacher in spotting and acting on changes to pupil behaviour that raise child protection suspicions, and how to recognise some of the signs. Philip Jones, the named person for child protection within his primary school, describes the challenges of his position, and the pivotal role schools play in involving outside agencies in cases relating to child abuse or neglect.
2) Pat Curran, a named person with a secondary school for child protection, outlines the key indicators that all school staff are trained to spot and refer on. PE teacher Ross Towler and student support worker Yvette Hudson describe how they would react if a child made a disclosure relating to abuse or neglect. Lead Officer for Child Protection at Education in Bradford, Jenni Whitehead, emphasises the importance of teachers recognising potential child protection issues.
Great Britain
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Education; Social welfare
child abuse; child welfare; teacher training; child protection

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