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Audio History: The Digital Record - Mp3 Broadcasts and Speeches

A collection of speeches and broadcasts recording key moments of the twentieth century, preserved, restored and digitally enhanced on MP3 audio. Includes Alger Hiss "I am not, and never have been, a member of the Communist Party", Franklin Roosevelt on Americanism (1920), Neil Armstrong’s "Once Small Step for Man" from the Apollo 11 (1st manned landing on the moon) mission, Apollo 11 launch, Apollo 11 landing on the moon’s surface, Apollo 11’s Armstrong and Aldrin make the First Interplanetary Phone Call (to United States President Richard Nixon), Apollo 13’s "Houston, we have a problem", Apollo 13 launch, Babe Ruth’s farewell to baseball speech, Bull Conner on the "Bobby Soxer Robert Kennedy", New York Yankee Manager Casey Stengel’s wacky congressional testimony, Fidel Castro in 1959 on "Ambition", Winston Churchill’s "I have not always been wrong", Churchill speaks in 1918 on the need to "Win the great peace", Churchill on his 80th birthday regarding his giving "The Roar" for the British people, Churchill offers to run for Prime Minister in 1950, Churchill on writing, Churchill as a Liberal Politician attacks the 1909 taxation program of the conservatives, Churchill on "The War of Nerves" between the US & USSR, Churchill calls for "A United States of Europe", Thomas Alva Edison speaks at "Light’s Golden Jubilee", Eisenhower speaks in 1953 on the Vietnam War, Eisenhower reacts to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Father Charles E. Coughlin declares it’s Roosevelt or Ruin in 1933, Franklin Roosevelt’s 1933 Inaugural Address, FDR’s 1941 "Four Freedoms" State of the Union Address, Blackjack Pershing on the progress of World War I in France, Gen. MacArthur’s Resignation Speech, Grover Cleveland in 1892 on "Political Independence", Henry Ford on Herbert Hoover, Howard Hughes vs Michigan Sen. Homer Ferguson at a U. S. Senate War Investigating Committee meeting, Huey Long on the "Barbeque" of his "Share The Wealth" economic policy, Hubert Humphrey on his 68 Campaign’s "Biggest Election Surprise", Jerry Rubin declares the 1968 Democratic National Convention "has blood on it’s hands", JFK delares that "It’s their war" in Vietnam, JFK annouces "We choose to go to the Moon", JFK warns "We face a challenge in Berlin", JFK speaks about the need to participate in the U.N. at a meeting of the Alliance for Progress, JFK proclaims the creation of The Peace Corp, JFK speaks as the Birmingham Alabama civil rights crisis of 1963 terminates, JFK’s Civil Rights Act National Address, JFK delivers his last speech (San Antonio Aerospace Health Center), JFK sets for Congress the goal of being the first country to send "A Man to the Moon", JFK declares that withdrawal from Vietnam is "Wholly Wrong", JFK on the 1962 Steel Price Hike, Excerpts from JFK’s Cuban Missile Crisis Speech, JFK’s Inauguration Speech, JFK Takes the Presidential Oath of Office, John Glenn launched into space aboard the "Friendship 7" Mercury-Atlas spacecraft, Excerpts from King EdwardVIII’s Abdication Speech, King George VI Coronation, Samuel Gompers on the contributions of Labor to the cause of democracy, Pres. Calvin Coolidge speaks on "Law and Order", U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s 1966 State of the Union - "Stand, or see the promise of two centuries tremble", LBJ calls for "A Great Society", LBJ signs the 1966 Voting Rights Bill, LBJ "Will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your President", LBJ addresses the nation after the assassination of JFK, LBJ takes the Vice Presidential Oath of Office, Lee Harvey Oswald (accused assassin of John F. Kennedy) asks for legal help, Lee Harvey Oswald denies charges, Oswald declares he is a Marxist but not a Communist, U.S.S.R. Premier and Bolshevik revolutionary Lenin on the Western assistance of the Mensheviks, Prime Minister of Great Britain MacMillan interrupted by Khruschev during a speech at the United Nations, Selma Alabama Civil Rights Marchers ordered to disperse, Selma Alabama Civil Rights Marchers sing as they march, Prime Minister of India Nehru announces the Death of Ghandi, News Flash on Russian Atomic Bomb, U.S. President Richard Milhous Nixon declares "I’m not a crook", Nixon’s Checkers Speech, Nixon on the Vietnam War & World War III, Nixon & Khrushchev’s Kitchen Debate, Nixon announces the End of the Vietnam War, Nixon’s 68 Campaign speech on "The Longest War", Nixon speaks of "The Great Silent Majority", Nixon’s Resignation Speech, U. S. President Clinton’s 1999 State of the Union Address, U.S. President Harding’s 1921 Disarmament Conference Address, U.S. President McKinley’s 1896 "Financial Honor of the Government" Speech, U.S. President Taft on "Humor", Pres. Taft on Striker’s Rights, Radio Center Moscow broadcasts the 1936 Show Trials verdict, Radio Moscow broadcasts the acceptance by the U.S.S.R. of U.S. terms for ending the Cuban Missile Crisis, Radio Moscow announces the launch of Sputnik, Pres. Harding on "Readjustment", U.S. President Ronald Reagan refers to Mr.& Mrs. Gorbachev as "Friends", Reagan "Outlaws Soviet Union" and jokes "we begin bombing in five minutes", Robert F. Kennedy speaks on the assassination of Martin Luther King immediatel after news first broke, RFK eulogizes his brother at the 1964 Democratic National Convention, RFK announces his candidacy as President in 1968, RFK declines a run for Presidency in 1967, George Bernard Shaw speaks in 1931 about Russia, U. S. Vice President Spiro Agnew on war demonstrators, Spiro Agnew delcares it is "A Time to be Disturbed", Agnew speaks about TV News, Agnew declares "We are involved" in world affairs, Agnew speaks of "The Rank and File Democrat", Agnew on Draft Dodgers, Agnew on Yale Faculty Dissidence, Agnew’s prevarication of the speech he delivered after the death of four Kent State war protestors, Agnew on "Vice Presidential Rhetoric", Agnew on "Pampered Prodigies" & "Professional Pessimists", Agnew on "Radical Liberals", Soviet Premier & Communist Party General Secretary Josef Stalin promises in 1936 he will "Do His Duty", U.S.S.R.'s Stalin speaks of the "Workers Paradise", U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidate Adlai Stevenson speaks about Communism in 1952, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Adlai Stevenson confronts the U.S.S.R. Ambassador to the U.N. Zorin over the existance of Soviet intermediate and strategic ballistic missiles in Cuba, Presidential Candidate Stevenson deplores that the Catholic’s freedom of expression "have been circumsized" (sic), The Crash of the Dirigible Hindenburg radio broadcast, Yugoslavia’s Marshal Tito speaks in London in 1953, Tito address the People of America through an American Reporter, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt on "Crooked Politics and Crooked Business", Theodore Roosevelt on "A Living Wage", T.R. elaborates on the principles of the Bull Moose Party, Soviet Revolutionary Trotsky on the 1936 Soveit Show Trials, U. S. President Harry S. Truman jokes about H. V. Kaltenborn’s 1948 Presidential Election Coverage, U.N. Delegate Eleanor Roosevelt on the "Kitchen Slaves" that the Soviet Ambassador to the United Nations states American women are in U.S. society, 1968 Independant Presidential Candidate George Wallace promises that those who support North Vietnam will "go to Hanoi" when he becomes President, a Water Buffalo attacks an American Patrol in Vietnam, Whittaker Chambers testifies that Alger Hiss "represents the concealed enemy" before the House Un-American Activities Committee meeting.
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