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Topics in Biology and Geology

Seven activities designed as science learning resources: 1) Holly Leaf Miner: explores the biology of this insect and its predators, showing how to undertake a biological project to quantify mortality factors in this insect; 2) Cells and Energy: investigates the structure and function of organelles found in cells by exploring the pathway of glucose oxidation and the reactions of photosynthesis; 3) Mitosis, Meiosis and Recombination: investigates cell division, looking at the accompanying process of nuclear division, mitosis and the two successive nuclear divisions of meiosis, a process that accompanies the production of gametes. Also examines the behaviour of chromosomes during meiosis, giving rise to genetic variation.
4) Galapagos: Adaptation and Evolution on Islands: observes animals and plants found on the Galapagos Islands, explores the concept of adaptation and identifies relationships between the lifestyle, diet and habitat of an organism and its appearance. Also looks at how variation and natural selection can lead to evolutionary change, and eventually to the development of new species; 5) Properties of Minerals: introduces six properties of minerals - colour, shape, lustre, hardness, cleavage and response to the acid test - and uses three-dimensional models and virtual experiments to investigate each property; 6) Minerals Gallery: investigates the properties of ten minerals using models of both the minerals and their molecular structures; 7) A Geological Field Trip: three virtual field visits to sites in south-west Britain, introducing basic geological field techniqes and investigating sedimentary rocks from the Permian and Triassic periods.
Discovering Science, Course S103
Great Britain
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Biology; Environmental science
cells; evolution; Galapagos Islands; insects; meiosis; minerals; mitosis; organelles; photosynthesis; sedimentary rocks

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