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Safety Screen (10 Parts)

A magazine-style programme dealing with aspects of health and safety, made initially for schools and institutions of the University of London. Each programme concludes with news items topical at the time of issue.
Part 1: Safety in the University of London; hazards associated with the use of asbestos; first first-aid - cuts.
Part 2: Some considerations for conducting field courses safely.
Part 3: Safety in planning wood-working workshops, and in handling cryogenic liquids: first first-aid - cryogenic burns.
Part 4: A new design in lab coats: design, manufacture and safe handling of gas cylinders: first first-aid - crush injuries.
Part 5: Fire precautions: first-aid - asphyxiation.
Part 6: Packaging and labelling of dangerous substances: safety films review: the first-aid box and its contents.
Part 7: John Maddox, director of the Nuffield Foundation and member of the Genetic Manipulation Advisory Group, discusses the role of the Group, and the possible hazards of genetic engineering.
Part 8: The safe disposal of liquid waste, with special reference to toxic substances and precautions in university laboratories.
Part 9: An interview with Sir James Howie, chairman of the working party which produced the code of practice for clinical laboratories, followed by practical advice on the subject of microbiological hazards.
Part 10: Accidents involving electricity are rare, but a high proportion of those that do occur cause death rather than injury. Electricity may start fires, indeed it is the single most frequent cause of fires in commercial and industrial premises. It is unrealistic to expect portable appliances to go on working safely for an indefinite period. Most industrial undertakings have a system by which the electrical safety of equipment is checked at regular intervals. A similar system of testing is needed for equipment in universities. The film deals with the safety testing of portable electrical appliances, examining the hazards of electricity and the defects that can arise in portable equipment. Shows the regular testing of electrical equipment in two colleges, whose safety officers describe the techniques employed and the amount of effort involved. Concludes with advice about first aid in cases of electric shock.
Systematic Testing of Electrical Equipment, The
Great Britain
Video; Videocassette. U-matic, VHS. b&w/col. 50, 25, 41, 44, 40, 47, 25, 47, 29, 29 min.
Year of production
Safety officers.
Health & safety
electrical equipment; emergency medical treatment; higher education; laboratory safety; microbiology; safety measures


Trevor A Scott
Trevor A Scott
Trevor A Scott
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