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S260 support video in four bands:
1) Minor Intrustions (15 min): Looks at volcanic activity that occurred during the early stages of the opening of the North Atlantic 60 million years ago. Concentrates on the Ardnamurchan igneous centre, which consists of a series of magma chambers. Demonstrates vent agglomerates, volcanic sills and dykes, gabbro cone sheets and gabbro ring dykes, and explains the relationships between them.
2) Lava Flows (24 min): Vulcanologists Dave Rothery and Hazel Rymer describe, often from first-hand experience, different types of volcanic lava flow sometimes associated with different events within a given eruption cycle.
3) Eruption Styles (23 min): Vulcanologists Dave Rothery and Hazel Rymer describe, often from first-hand experience, different types of volcanic eruptions. Shows phreatic eruption, strombolian eruption, vulcanian eruption, plinian eruption, a pyroclastic flow, and volcanic mudflow (lahar). Aims to aid the understanding of what is going on both during and after an eruption.
4) Structural Geology without Tears (47 min): Discusses geological faults and folds - normal faults, reverse faults (thrusts), and strike-slip faults followed by a duplex, showing examples in Cornwall and in the south of Ireland. Looks at different types of folding as seen in outcrop, examines cleavage and bedding relationships and discusses anticline and syncline. Places in the context of Variscan (or Hercynian) orogeny the faulting and folding of southern Ireland and south-west England.
Geology, Course S260
Great Britain
Video; Videocassette. Standard formats. col. 120 min.
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Off-air recording licence; 2000 sale: £120.00 (+VAT +p&p)
landforms; ocean floor; volcanoes


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