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  • Government response on copyright exceptions

    Government response to consultation on copyright exceptions Modernising Copyright: A modern, robust and flexible framework Many BUFVC members and associates will be aware that the Government has been engaged in a long process of consultation to consider amending UK copyright law with a view to modernising and streamlining the legislation to support further growth in […]

  • The copyright Content Map launched

    This industry website showcases legal services available to consumers across films and television, ebooks, music, games and sports sectors. The website also features ‘jargon busting’ and FAQ sections. The stated aim is to ‘help teachers, parents and other consumers know which sites are legal’. Partners in the venture, created by the Alliance for Copyright Property, […]

  • Responses to the Copyright Consultation published

    Today, Thursday 26 July 2012, the Government published the responses it received during its consultation on Copyright. The Government received 471 responses from interested parties. The submitted responses, with the exception of confidential submissions, are listed on the website in alphabetical order by surname or company/organisation name. N.B. The documents have been edited to remove […]

  • BUFVC Copyright Guide

    Our up-to-date guide supports those using moving image and sound media in HE and FE. Written in an accessible, jargon-free free style, it considers how to use third party content, legal exceptions, licensing bodies and much more besides.

  • Researchers confused about Copyright & Open Access – report

    Researchers of Tomorrow is the UK’s largest study to date on the research behaviour of Generation Y doctoral students (born between 1982 and 1994). JISC and the British Library jointly commissioned the three year study in 2009, which involved 17,000 doctoral students from 70 universities at various stages in the project. The research findings reveal: […]

  • Consultation on Modernising Copyright

    On Monday 2 July 2012 the Government issued a Policy Statement on its Consultation on Modernising Copyright. It can be accessed online here: Murray Weston, senior advisor to BUFVC and author of the forthcoming BUFVC Guide to Copyright, Can I Copy This?, provides a brief summary and a commentary on its salient points: Following […]

  • Turning a Resource into an Open Educational Resource (OER)

    The Open Educational Resource Intellectual Property Rights / OER IPR Support Project aims to provide IPR and licensing support for JISC/HEA funded OER Phase 1, 2 and 3 projects in order to help them identify and manage IPR issues with particular emphasis on the use of Creative Commons Licences. They have recently published an animation […]

  • Copyright issues

    There have been two recent developments relating to copyright issues – one concerning ‘orphan works’ and the other a report on simplifying copyright licensing for digital media. The EU Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee has voted in favour of reforming copyright legislation to permit ‘orphan works’ to be digitised and made available in online archives if, […]

  • BUFVC response to IPO Copyright Consultation

    On 21 March the BUFVC submitted its response to the Intellectual Property Office’s Consultation on Copyright as part of the follow-up to the publication of the Hargreaves Report in 2011. For details of progress at the IPO visit their website at: The BUFVC’s response has been prepared through formal consultation with the Trustees of […]

  • Guidance on using medical recordings in HE

    JISC Digital Media has recently set up a website offering advice on legal, ethical and other issues relating to making and using clinical healthcare recordings for learning and teaching. The principles and related guidance materials were developed by the British Medical Recordings Task Force, a collaboration of cross-sector organisations, to encourage shared understandings across clinical […]