News Archive for June, 2011

  • Latest additions to the Moving Image Gateway

    David Bordwell’s Website on Cinema This is the homepage for the influential film academic David Bordwell who, together with his wife Kristin Thompson, has written many of the most enduring of Film Studies textbooks written in the last 30 years. The site, which includes a blog by the two authors, brings together a broad range […]

  • BUFVC Weekly Top Five TV & Radio Programme Requests

    For the week ending 24 June 2011 the most requested titles from the BUFVC Off-Air Back-Up Service include the enduring fascination with skyscrapers, disability, euthanasia and the early history of American movies. 1. DON’T LOOK DOWN (BBC2) View TRILT record For more information, see the WIKI entry 2. TERRY PRATCHETT: CHOOSING TO DIE (BBC2) View […]

  • Central Office of Information (COI) to close

    It has been announced that the Central Office of Information (COI), the government communications and marketing organ is  set to close shortly. Responsible for making thousands of public information films since the 1940s, though the COI has antecedents going back almost a century, many of these can be viewed online at the National Archives website […]

  • Moving Image Gateway updates

    Jodi Mattes Trust for Accessible Digital Culture The Jodi Mattes Trust promotes barrier-free access to cultural collections for disabled people. Museums, galleries, archives, libraries and heritage sites use technology ever more to serve their audiences.  Wherever it is used, technology should widen access to information, collections and learning for disabled people. The Trust fosters engagement […]

  • Online film journals roundup

    1. Bright Lights Film Journal – Issue 72 – May 2011 This packed issue includes articles on films by Tarantino, Fassbinder, Carlos Atanes, Scorsese, Wong Kar-wai, forgotten minor auteur Norman Foster, Coppola’s The Godfather, sex in the movies, gender in Hindi cinema, exploitation films, the animated TV satire Archer, and representations of the FBI […]

  • BUFVC Weekly Top 5 TV and Radio Programme Requests

    For the week ending 17 June 2011 the most requested titles from the BUFVC Off-Air Back-Up Service include a controversial documentary on assisted death, a comic look at the early history of filmmaking in Hollywood as well as child welfare and the relationship between media and the food industry, 1. TERRY PRATCHETT: CHOOSING TO DIE […]

  • Access the BUFVC federated search environment

    The BUFVC is pleased to launch the BUFVC federated search environment. The pioneering ‘all-in-one’ search engine will provide users access to nine of the BUFVC online databases, containing over 13 million records, via a single entry point. The BUFVC federated search environment will allow researchers to easily view collated results relating to film, television and radio content, through a […]

  • BUFVC launches federated search environment

    BUFVC Federated Search Environment
    Access nine online databases, containing over 16 million records and use intelligently designed interactive research tools to find and discover new content.

  • Forgotten Futures – Book Offer

    Forgotten Futures: British Municipal Cinema 1920-1980 By Elizabeth Lebas This ground-breaking new work by Elizabeth Lebas is the first survey of British municipal cinema and covers films from the Department of Public Health, documentary and local authority films. Forgotten Futures is an account of a distinct era in filmmaking history, and the impact these community […]

  • BUFVC Weekly Top 5 TV& Radio Programme Requests

    For the week ending 10 June 2011 the most requested titles from the BUFVC Off-Air Back-Up Service focus on children, families and social welfare. 1. POOR KIDS (BBC1) View TRILT record or watch now on BoB National For more information go to the BBC Website 2. BREAKING A FEMALE PAEDOPHILE RING (CHANNEL 4) View TRILT […]