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  1. King Visits Southampton

    Date released
    12 Dec 1940
    Series name
    Pathe Gazette
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    Story no
    4 / 8
    1 film clip, 1 commentary sheet, 1 shot list

    Shortly after a Nazi blitz the King arrives in Southampton to visit his people, and also praises the ARP.

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  2. Microcosm: An Open Hypermedia System (1992 Video)

    Information technology
    Sale, Videocassette. Standard formats. col. 15 min., 1995 sale: £25.00 (inclusive)

    Demonstrates the features of the hypermedia system developed by the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton.

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  3. Dedication [Part 1] (2021 Radio)

    Lights Up
    Celia de Wolff
    Celia de Wolff

    New radio production (in two halves) of Nick Dear’s 2016 stage play that explores Shakespeare’s relationship with the Earl of Southampton by putting the author on trial.

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  4. Southampton brothels plans (1979)


    Female Southampton City councillor talks about the council’s hopes of bringing about the legalization of brothels, as an answer to the problem of prostitution in residential areas. The council hopes to get...

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  5. The Business Programme No.49 (1989)

    The Business Programme, broadcast on Monday evenings and presented by Rob Thomas. Track 1- Productivity at Southampton Docks. The Future of Southampton Docks Post Dock Labour Scheme. Interview with Colin...

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  6. National Railway Round-up: June 1988 (1988)

    The Railway Round-up for June 1988, reporting on new Pullman services... the Dart Valley Railway...Commuting to Southampton...and so on.

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  7. John Allen (1930-2015)

    29 Oct 2015, 15:39
    Sergio Angelini
    Post Type

    It is with sadness that we mark the death of William John Allen, Former Director of the Departments of Teaching Media / Teaching Support and Media Services at the University of Southampton. He died in...

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  8. Prostitution in Southampton (1979)


    Allan Taylor talks to (anonymous) Southampton prostitute, about how she advertises, and how she started work.

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  9. Southampton brothels plan (1979)


    Allan Taylor interviews (a member of Southampton City Council?) about the council’s plan for licensed brothels. The interviewee believes Parliament should consider the council’s proposals as an...

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  10. Southampton brothels plan (1979)

    News report; Interview; Vox pop

    Allan Taylor talks to David Scouller, Chief Executive of Southampton City Council, about the council’s proposal to establish legalized brothels in the city. We also hear from a female resident of Derby...

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