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  1. Trailer - Tombstone Canyon - Road Safety

    Date released
    6 Sep 1945
    Series name
    Gaumont British News
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    Story no
    7 / 7

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  2. Information Literacy (2006)

    Education; Information technology
    Sale, DVD (Region 2 PAL, 21 minutes), £49.00 (DVD), £20.00 (1 Year Digital Licence), £49.00 (3 Year Digital Licence)

    In a world of information overload, information literacy has become a survival skill. But what exactly does information literacy mean? With a focus on the internet, this film explains how to conduct solid...

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  3. Twelfth Night or What You Will (1992 Multimedia)

    Presents the play in performance plus anciliary information. Each act and scene is individually introduced. Information on all the characters can be accessed at any point, as can any part of the text....

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  4. Freedom of Information Committee on abolition of Official Secrets Act (1975)


    An unidentified male Freedom of Information Committee spokesman outlines the need for a freedom of information act, based on the American model. The advantages are discussed, as well as the types of...

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  5. Interview with Dick Sheppard, Bournemouth’s Information Officer. During Pieces and Places (1981)

    An interview with Dick Sheppard, Bournemouth’s Information Officer, talking about pieces and places of Bournemouth. Sean Street also speaks about his programme Concert Choice and asks to the public to...

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  6. National Railway Round-Up: August 1988 (1988)

    The August/September editions of the programme that brings all the latest news and information to railway buffs

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  7. TV Listings - a history

    4 Jul 2013, 16:33
    Gabriel Hernandez
    Post Type

    Learn about the history of TV programme information and discover how Channel 4's Press Information Packs helped change the listings landscape.

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  8. Merlyn Rees on freedom of information (1978)


    Home Secretary Merlyn Rees on whether the UK should adopt a freedom of information act. Rees believes it would be unwise to copy legislation from the United States. Female interviewer not identified.

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  9. Margaret Thatcher on lack of information on Chernobyl (1986)


    UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher on the Chernobyl disaster in the Soviet Union. She compares the USSR with the USA, which immediately disclosed information following the Challenger space shuttle...

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  10. Decision makers (1984)

    Interview; Documentary

    Decision Makers, presented by Peter Spencer. Documentary on the information that the Government holds on the public, and the fact that this information is private. Civil rights campaigners have put together...

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