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Media Screen Round-up July 2017

The monthly round-up of film and television publications compiled by Simon Baker, Institute of Historical Research and published at Learning on Screen by Andrew Ormsby.

This month the selection takes in Vera Lynn, nostaligia in contemporary screen adaptations of Shakespeare, South Korean baseball movies, women in  prison, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, screen tests 1915-30, combat film music and the representation of Chinese migrants in Italian cinema.

Dr Honni van Rijswijk, Senior Lecturer and Co-convenor of the Law and Culture Group, School of Law, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) looks at what terms may be used to defginine a film as being feminist or anti-feminist in the context of Lars von Trier’s DOGVILLE (2003) in: ‘The Continuing Problem of the Universal to Questions of Justice: A Feminist Reading of Lars von Trier’s Dogville’. Liverpool Law Review 38, no. 1 (2017): 33–46. doi:10.1007/s10991-017-9197-3.

Media Screen Round-up July 2017

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