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LBC’s AM programme on release of US hostages from Iran

LBC’s AM programme on release of US hostages from Iran
News report; Interview; Speech; News bulletin; Advertisement
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21 Jan 1981
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LBC’s AM programme, presented by Adrian Scott, Bob Holness and Douglas Cameron. Andrew Simmons and Nick Peters report live on the arrival of 52 US hostages in West Germany following their release from Iran. Douglas Cameron reads the news bulletins, which include a report by Andrew Manderstam about celebrations in the USA on the hostages’ release and an interview with Pearl Golacinski, the mother of hostage Alan Golacinski. In the news bulletin, Paul Davies reports on the Martin Johnston murder trial, in which Barbara Pilkington will take the stand to testify against her common law husband Andrew Marr. David Foster reports on the trial of the only gunman to survive the Iranian Embassy siege, Nowzi Fejad. Anita Findlay(?) reports on the National Union of Seamen’s strike (includes an interview with NUS assistant general secretary Sam McCluskie). Dominic Allan reads the sport. Another report by Andrew Manderstam includes interviews with former US State Department chief spokesman John Trattner; Richard Hermening - father of hostage Kevin Hermening; John Limbert - father of hostage John Limbert Jr; Deborah Plotkin - wife of hostage Jerry Plotkin. A travel report is read by Richard Robins(?) of New Scotland Yard, Tim Woodner(?) of the AA, Michael Meech(?) of London Transport and Trevor Ainsley of British Airways. Programme’s main content interspersed with advertisements.
Paul Davies; Bob Holness; Andrew Manderstam; Nick Peters; Douglas Cameron; Dominic Allan; Sam McCluskie; Andrew Simmons; John Trattner; Dave Foster; Michael Meech(?); Tim Woodner(?); John Limbert; Richard Hermening; Deborah Plotkin; Trevor Ainsley; Anita Findlay(?); Pearl Golacinski; Richard Robins(?)
USA; Iran; Sport; Embassies and consulates; Homicide; Defence; Jimmy Carter; Hostages; Presidents; Embassy buildings; Diplomats; Sieges; Mike Yarwood; Germany FR; Kevin Hermening; John Limbert; Jerry Plotkin; Andrew Marr; Martin Johnston; Barbara Pilkington; Nowzi Fejad; David Foster; Alan Golaconski

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