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Heartbreak hotel

Heartbreak hotel
Interview; Documentary; Music
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24 Oct 1980
Year of production
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Heartbreak Hotel: a Radio Hallam documentary about Strangeways Prison in Manchester, written and presented by Elaine Knebworth(?). Includes a comedy song about Strangeways (male singer not identified). Speaks to: Senior Officer Crouch(?); Chairman of the Prison Officers Association at Strangeways, John Jameson(?); resident doctor, Dr Jay(?); prison officer Rodney Wicker(?); former prisoner Mike Mitchell(?); prison works officer Joe Burrington(?); medical officer Finch(?); senior medical officer Dr Barron(?); hospital officer Sam Jenkins(?); Liz Mack(?) and Sally, wife and daughter of prison officer Alan Mack(?). At the end Elaine is removed from the premises and banned from finishing her recording. Male introductory announcer not identified. Additional research Tim Wyatt.
Radio Hallam; Tim Wyatt; Elaine Knebworth(?); John Jameson(?); Rodney Wicker(?); Mike Mitchell(?); Joe Burrington(?); Sam Jenkins(?); Liz Mack(?); Sally Mack(?)
Working conditions; Prisons; Violence; Hospitals; Manchester; Mental health; Living conditions; Drug abuse; Alcoholism; Kitchens; Diet; Young offenders; Domestic life; Prison officers; Prisoners; Occupations; Meals; Hygiene; Strangeways Prison; Borstal institutions; Tranquillising agents; Work; Alan Mack(?)

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