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News review ‘94 London Newstalk version hour 2

News review ‘94 London Newstalk version hour 2
News report; Interview; Press conference; Vox pop; Speech; Tribute; Advertisement
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30 Dec 1994
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Jeff Collins presents the second hour of News Review ‘94, a look back at the stories which made the news during the year. Version for London Newstalk 1152am. Covers international stories; events in the USA; deaths of famous people; the Royal year including a television advert featuring Princess Anne, Princess Royal and clip of Central TV profile of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales; sports stories reviewed by Andrew Parkinson. Co-written by Jeff Collins and produced and co-written by Charlie Rose. Studio producer Adam Reed(?). Numerous speakers as noted in contributors, plus some not identified. In several parts with breaks between.
Queen Elizabeth II; Prince Charles; Princess Anne; Charlie Rose; Graham Kelly; John Major; Matt Busby; Jackie Stewart; Henry Kissinger; Jeff Collins; Bill Clinton; Sarah Ferguson; Albert Reynolds; Peter Allen-Frost; Desmond Tutu; Nelson Mandela; Alan Sugar; Michael Jackson; Michael Schumacher; Damon Hill; Andrew Parkinson; Andrew Morton; Nicky Broyd; Roy Castle; Betty Driver; Jonathan Dimbleby; David Gower; Martina Navratilova; Brian Atherton; Hussein bin Talal; Central Television; Jean-Bertrand Aristide; Muhamed Sacirbey; June Whitfield; Martin Nichols(?); Brian Lara; Mark McManus; Sepp Blatter; Ray Wilkinson; Paul Barney; King Hussein of Jordan; Adrian Mooney; Bernadette Mooney; Mary Essex; Paul Merson; Diane Modahl; London Newstalk 1152am; Adam Reed(?); Rudy Grande; Nicole Brown Simpson
USA; Earthquakes; Deaths; Elections; Middle East; Jewish-Arab relations; Sport; Sports competitions; Fires; Interethnic relations; South Africa; Ireland; Ethnic conflicts; Russia; Peace treaties; International relations; Homicide; Charity; Fundraising; Association football; Cricket; Child abuse; Drug abuse; Royal visits; Political reform; Illegal drugs; Los Angeles; Refugees; Famous people; Richard Nixon; Royal family; Peacebuilding; Royalty; Prince Charles; Ferries; Natural disasters; Seaborne disasters; Black African peoples; Sportsmen; Wars (events); Separation (marital); Political refugees; Cruise ships; Television documentaries; Biographies; Resignation (political); Babies; Extra-marital sex; Lawn tennis; Motor racing; Gambling; Racing drivers; Romania; Abduction; John Smith; Princess Diana; O. J. Simpson; Princess of Wales; Arrests; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Prince of Wales; Palestinian Arabs; Terry Scott; Yugoslav War (1991-1995); Reunification; Berlin; Haiti; Buster Edwards; Diego Maradona; Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club; Ayrton Senna; Rwanda; Achille Lauro; Brian Johnstone; Estonia (ferry)

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