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The memory of 1983 - Review of the year

The memory of 1983 - Review of the year
Interview; Documentary; Speech; Parliamentary debate; Special
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30 Dec 1983
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The Memory of 1983. Peter Deeley presents a special programme focusing on the main news events of the year including the anti-nuclear protests at Greenham Common and the storing of US cruise missiles in Britain; the General Election victory of Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party; the resignation of Conservative Party Chairman, Cecil Parkinson following revelations over his affair; the US invasion of Grenada; Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi film; the Dennis Nilsen murders; the fishing dispute between Britain and Denmark and the arrest of Kent Kirk; war in Lebanon; the major sport stories; the helicopter crash in the Scilly Isles; the kidnapping of racehorse Shergar; the dispute at Eddie Shah’s printing works in Warrington; events in Northern Ireland and terrorist attacks in Britain including the Harrods bombing; notable deaths during 1983 (including Dick Emery, Ralph Richardson, and David Niven). Reporters include: Douglas Cameron; Peter Allen; Nick Peters. Speakers include: George Thomas, Speaker of the House of Commons; Michael Heseltine, Defence Secretary; Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister; Michael Foot, Labour leader; David Steel, Liberal leader; Roy Jenkins, SDP leader; David Owen, SDP MP; Tony Benn, Labour MP; Cecil Parkinson; John Gummer, Conservative Party Chairman; Neil Kinnock, new Labour leader; Roy Hattersley, deputy Labour leader; Kent Kirk; Foreign Secretary, Sir Geoffrey Howe; Ronald Reagan, US President; Richard Attenborough, film director; Stephen Waldorf, victim of police shooting; PC Nicholas Carr; Michael Cottran, plumber; Betty Scott, mother of mass murderer Dennis Nilsen; Lucille Langley-Williams, Scilly Isles councillor; Terry Meehan, broker for the Aga Kahn; Eddie Shah, newspaper owner; John Mills, actor; Sir Peter Hall, theatre director; Roy Kinnear, comedian; David Niven, actor. Programme compiled by Charlie Rose; engineered by Dave Loitner(?) and Paul Bateman.
Geoffrey Howe; Margaret Thatcher; David Steel; Peter Allen; Roy Hattersley; George Thomas; John Mills; Michael Foot; David Owen; Neil Kinnock; Nick Peters; Charlie Rose; Ronald Reagan; Douglas Cameron; Peter Deeley; Peter Hall; Richard Attenborough; Eddie Shah; Dave Loitner(?); Roy Kinnear; Paul Bateman; Kent Kirk; Stephen Waldorf; Lucille Langley-Williams; Nicholas Carr; Michael Cottran; Betty Scott; Terry Meehan; David Niven
USA; Deaths; Foreign affairs; Actors; Trade unions; Entertainers; Labour disputes; Newspapers; Crime; Northern Ireland; Terrorism; Political conferences; IRA; Grenada; Political parties; Films; Protest movements; Prime ministers; Nuclear weapons; Anti-nuclear movements; General elections; Greenham Common; Political leaders

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