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IRN news review of the year

IRN news review of the year
News report; Interview; Press conference; Vox pop; Speech; Special
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30 Dec 1985
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Douglas Cameron introduces a review of the news stories of 1985 with award winning reporter Dave Loyn looking back on the year. Stories include air accidents and hijacks; Northern Ireland agreement; baby abuse deaths; riots; year in sport; Royals; political stories; international news; natural disasters; end of miners strike and other union news; Labour Party and Militant in Liverpool; UK deaths and famous people’s deaths. Numerous speakers as listed in contributors. Engineered by Steve Camplin, Paul Easton and Glyn Perkins. Produced by Charlie Rose. Breaks in recording.
Margaret Thatcher; Arthur Scargill; Harold Macmillan; Robert Runcie; Neil Kinnock; Garret FitzGerald; George Brown; Yul Brynner; Dave Loyn; Prince Charles; Charlie Rose; Douglas Hurd; George Foulkes; Ronald Reagan; Orson Welles; Louis Blom-Cooper; Paul Easton; Glyn Perkins; Derek Hatton; Rajiv Gandhi; Clive Ponting; Tony Delahunty; Douglas Cameron; Prince of Wales; Michael Eaton; Desmond Tutu; Bob Geldof; Justin Milne; Mikhail Gorbachev; P. W. Botha; David Lange; Richard Branson; Princess Michael of Kent; Sara Keays; Barry McGuigan; Boris Becker; Mark Easton; Victoria Gillick; Ray Honeyford; Vitaly Yurchenko; Pamela Jones; Michael Banda; Tony Lyons; Bob Astles; James Cameron; Stacy Keach; Vicky(?) Langdon(?); Paul Needham; Sandy Lyle; Gay Probett(?); Debra(?) Walley(?); Steve Camplin(?)
USA; Air accidents; Deaths; Shipwrecks; Politics; London; Sport; Trade unions; Internal politics; Labour Party; New Zealand; Labour disputes; Northern Ireland; Fires; Terrorism; Interethnic relations; South Africa; Ireland; UK; Apartheid; Conservative Party; Right to information; Liverpool; Terrorists; Television; USSR; Uganda; Idi Amin; Civil servants; Political parties; Oral contraceptives; Homicide; Charity; Fundraising; Record attempts; Economic sanctions; Association football; NUM; Coal industry; Hooliganism; Child abuse; Riots; Children (family); Aeroplanes; Coal miners; Police personnel; Espionage; Nuclear weapons; Black peoples; Nuclear disarmament; Spies; Famous people; Hostages; Royal family; Peacebuilding; Second World War (1939-1945); Royalty; Japan; Falklands War (1982); Sovereignty; Warships; Cecil Parkinson; Greenpeace; Ceremonies; Coal Strike (1984-1985); Clive Ponting; Football grounds; Bradford; Liverpool City Council; Nuclear bomb; Hiroshima; Natural disasters; Sports stadium disasters; Africa; Church and State; Official Secrets Act; Institutional racism; Babies; Schoolchildren; Bradford City Football Club; Rainbow Warrior; Keith Blakelock; Tottenham; Anniversaries; Political scandals; East West relations; Food aid; Mine closures; Famine; Militant Tendency; Heysel Stadium disaster (1985); Resignations (political); Legal decision; Strikes (events); Belgrano; Black-African peoples

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