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US Presidential pre-election special

US Presidential pre-election special
Interview; Documentary; Vox pop; Speech; Election coverage; Debate; Music; Special
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Nov 1980
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Capital Radio special report investigating the process, election issues and candidates for the US Presidential elections this year. Speaking are: Time Magazine’s London correspondent, Bonnie Angelo; Director of the Institute of US Studies, Professor Esmond Wright; London correspondent of the Washington Post, Leonard Downie; NBC Radio journalist Clark Todd; American voters; current US President Jimmy Carter; Republican candidate Ronald Reagan; Democrat Senator and candidate Ted Kennedy; independent candidate John Anderson; civil rights leader Benjamin Hooks. Starts and ends with an audio montage which includes music and actuality of conventions. Male presenter not identified. In 3 parts.
Jimmy Carter; Edward Kennedy; Ronald Reagan; Bonnie Angelo; Clark Todd; John Anderson; Capital Radio; Leonard Downie; Esmond Wright; Benjamin Hooks
USA; Elections; Peace; Politics; Government; Economics; Television; USSR; Military affairs; Political leadership; Political parties; Defence; Electoral systems; Economic policy; Jimmy Carter; Democratic Party; Nuclear weapons; African-American peoples; Black peoples; Arms control; Diplomacy; Arms race; Foreign policy; Presidents; Defence policy; Presidential candidates; Civil and political rights; Ronald Reagan; Political leaders; Election campaigns; Disarmament; Personality; Conservatism; Republican Party; East West relations; Political process; Electoral issues; Franklin Roosevelt

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