General election - Michael Foot on party unity

General election - Michael Foot on party unity
News report; Press conference
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Report on alleged rifts within the Labour Party. Michael Foot denies reports of a rift with party deputy Denis Healey. Defence Secretary Michael Heseltine claims that Labour’s non-nuclear defence policy is a naive and reckless gamble. Liberal leader David Steel caustically sympathises with Foot. Roy Jenkins of the SDP declares that he is still at the helm of his own party, even after continuous poor showings in the polls. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was angry at the leaking of official documents to the press but remains buoyant. Conservative Party chairman Cecil Parkinson answers press questions about a Conservative candidate in Stockton who previously stood for the National Front. Male reporter not identified.
Margaret Thatcher; David Steel; Michael Heseltine; Roy Jenkins; Michael Foot; Cecil Parkinson
Elections; Politics; Government; Labour Party; Conservative Party; Political manifestos; Political leadership; Political parties; Defence; National Front; Nuclear weapons; Party politics; SDP-Liberal Alliance; Politicians; General elections; Public opinion polls; Denis Healey; Parliamentary candidates; Stockton

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