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8 Nov 1980
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In this first half of A Passage to England, Tony Hawkins investigates immigration from the Indian subcontinent to the UK - where people come from and why, what did they expect from the UK, their feelings now and the contributions they have made to the UK. Speaks to General Services Director of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE), Sohail Aziz(?); President of the Indian Workers Association in Southall, Piara Khabra; minister for immigration Timothy Raison; Alex Lyon MP; consultant at Wythenshawe Hospital, Dr S.S. Chatterjee; textile exporter Suresh Ruia; textile technologist, Austin Joakim(?) and his wife Maria. Broadcast as part of the Network series of programmes produced by independent radio stations around the country. Written and produced by Tony Hawkins.
Timothy Raison; Tony Hawkins; Alex Lyon; Piara Khabra; S. S. Chatterjee; Sohail Aziz(?); Suresh Ruia; Austin Joakim(?); Maria Joakim(?)
India; Money; Education; CRE; UK; Immigration; Immigrants; Finance; Commonwealth of Nations; Commonwealth countries; Customs and traditions; Cuisine; Independence; Dance; Rural areas; Family; Food; British Empire; Asian peoples; English (language); Indian Workers Association; Employment opportunities; Rural communities; Villages; Integration; Bengali culture; Traditional dance; Cultural change; Labour migration; Indian classical dance

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