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IRN news review of the year

IRN news review of the year
News report; Interview; Press conference; Tribute; Parliamentary debate; Music
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Douglas Cameron presents a news review of 1982. Begins with montage of news clips. Topics covered include: Falklands War; Northern Ireland; manhunt for Barry Prudom; anti-nuclear protests; conflict in the Lebanon; UK economy; films; Royal events; finding of Mary Rose; Laker Airways back in business; industrial disputes; Pope’s visit to the UK; deaths; events in USA. Speakers: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington (Peter Carington); tracker Eddie McGee; male Arab speaker; Israeli spokesman; US President Ronald Reagan; Freddie Laker; explorer Ranulph Fiennes?; Prince Charles, Prince of Wales; Alexander McKee, discoverer of Mary Rose; NUM leader Arthur Scargill; ASLEF leader Ray Buckton; former NUR General Secretary, Sidney Weighell; Defence Secretary John Nott; MOD spokesman Ian McDonald; Home Secretary William Whitelaw; Pope John Paul II; writer Colin Welland. Also actuality of remembrance service with the Last Post and oath of remembrance. Music including Bighearted Arthur? by Arthur Rubenstein; song by Chesney Allen; Crest of a Wave by Ralph Reader, all died this year. Also ET film theme tune and plays out to theme to Chariots of Fire film. Reporters: defence correspondent Paul Maurice; Falklands war reporter Kim Sabido; Antonia Riggs, in Argentina; Peter Allen; Mike Rowbottom; newsreader Bill Bingham; Tim Crook; John Draper; Phil Longman; Peggy Riley(?); Andrew Manderstam; John Perkins. Engineer Paul Easton, researched and produced by Charlie Rose and Robin Malcolm.
Margaret Thatcher; John Perkins; Arthur Scargill; William Whitelaw; Peter Allen; Sidney Weighell; Andrew Manderstam; Pope John Paul II; Prince Charles; John Nott; Charlie Rose; Ronald Reagan; Bill Bingham; Paul Maurice; Kim Sabido; Antonia Higgs; Tim Crook; Mike Rowbottom; Douglas Cameron; Prince of Wales; John Draper; Colin Welland; Alexander McKee; Robin Malcolm; Ian McDonald; Phil Longman?; Eddie McGee; Peggy Riley(?); Ranulph Fiennes?; Arthur Rubenstein; Chesney Allen; Ralph Reader
Aircraft; USA; Deaths; Elections; Shipwrecks; Israel; Politics; Jewish-Arab relations; Awards; Sport; Trade unions; Internal politics; Labour disputes; Inflation; TUC; Northern Ireland; Health services; Labour relations; Terrorism; UK; Great Britain; ASLEF; NUR; Television; USSR; Unemployment; International relations; Tanzania; Military affairs; Homicide; Queen Elizabeth II; NUM; Films; Aeroplanes; Cinema; Economic systems; Nuclear weapons; Lebanon; Beirut; Royal family; Economic recession; Royalty; Palestine; Poland; Solidarity; Missiles; Falklands War (1982); Argentina; Falkland Islands; War (concept); Anti-nuclear movements; Security; Buckingham Palace; Warships; Greenham Common; Ships; Prisoners; Escapes; Wars (events); Cabinet ministers; Political refugees; Bombs; Resignation (political); Babies; Criminal investigation; Leonid Brezhnev; Births; Oscars; Prince William; Remembrance day; Palestinian Arabs; Palaces; Military bases; Mary Rose; General Belgrano; Sir Galahad; Geographical exploration; Michael Fagan; Helen Smith; Chariots of Fire; Trespass; Ballykelly; Languages; Barry Prudom; Bill Dunlop; Conquerer; ET

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