Changes in China

Changes in China
Interview; Documentary; Music
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6 Oct 1980
Year of production
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Documentary about how China has changed since the new government has opened the borders and allowed more freedoms and how the people are coping with the changes. Visits the country and speaks to: sinologist Chuck Alba(?); tour guide Waddy Hunt(?); a male tourist (not identified); housewife Lao U(?); a female student (not identified); university lecturers Chris Robertson and John Robertson; university students; Buddhist Monk Jiao Tuen(?) (speaking through an interpreter); and guide Ann Lu(?), who also sings. Female presenter not identified. In 2 parts.
Chuck Alba(?); Waddy Hunt(?); Lao U(?); Chris Robertson; John Robertson; Jiao Tuen(?); Ann Lu(?)
Revolutions; Politics; Television; China; Political systems; Socialism; Popular music; Children (age group); Marriage; Fashion; Freedom of the press; Oppression; Living conditions; Children (family); Political reform; History; Communism; Chinese (cultural identity); Civil and political rights; Students; Democracy; Relationships; Freedom; Peking; Mao Zedong; Clothing; Radioactive materials; Beijing; Radioactive pollution; Democratization; East West relations; Social change; Family planning; Population policy; Cultural life; Cultural change

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