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Imperial echoes

Imperial echoes
Interview; Documentary; News bulletin
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27 Sep 1980
Year of production
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Imperial Echoes investigates the echoes of the British empire in modern day India. Speaks to Darjeeling hotel owner Mr Tenderflower(?); manager of the Happy Valley Tea Estate, Mr P. Banerjee during a visit to the tea garden; Director-General of All India Radio, U.L. Baruah on use of English language; leader of the Anglo-Indian Association (for mixed race offspring), Frank Anthony. Also includes archive news bulletin from All India Radio. Written and narrated by Tony Hawkins. Speed slightly slow. Male introductory presenter not identified.
Tony Hawkins; Mr Tenderflower(?); P. Banerjee; U. L. Baruah; Frank Anthony; All India Radio
India; Industry; Armed forces; Supply and demand; Interethnic relations; British; Great Britain; Broadcasting; History; Customs and traditions; News flow; Tourism; Colonial countries; Hotels; Tea; Food; British Empire; Land; Land use; Trade; English (language); Haiti; English (cultural identity); Multiple heritage peoples; Winston Churchill (1874-1965); Darjeeling; Windermere Hotel; Radio presentation; Anglo-Indian Association; Colonial armies

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