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Murder by gaslight

Murder by gaslight
Drama; Serial
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Murder by Gaslight, written by Leo Knowles. A new series for radio retelling the stories of five infamous Victorian murders. Part 1: No Grounds for Complaint, narrated by Leo McKern. Based on the murder of Pierre Emile L’Angelier by his lover, young upper-class Madeleine Hamilton Smith by arsenic poisoning in Glasgow- trial verdict was not proven. Parts played by Di Mather, Andy Rashley, Charles Haggith, Barbabra Geenhalgh(?) and Chris Kay; engineer Pete Baker; editor Mark Radcliffe; producer Tony Hawkins. Originally from Piccadilly Radio.
Leo Knowles; Leo McKern; Tony Hawkins; Charles Haggith; Chris Kay; Piccadilly Radio; Mark Radcliffe; Andy Rashley; Pete Baker; Di Mather; Barbara Greenhalgh(?); James Tomlinson
Scotland; Homicide; Murderers; Murder trials; Trials; Radio drama; Glasgow; Radio plays; Victorian period; Madeleine Hamilton Smith; Pierre Emile L’Angelier; Arsenic; Poisoning; Criminal investigation

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