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Mount up the wings

Mount up the wings
Feature; Special
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11 Sep 1981
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Mount Up the Wings, a documentary in memory of the Battle of Britain and Britain during the Second World War. With interviews (ex-service personnel, not identified) and dramatised sections. Looks at the battle for France; how the Battle of Britain came about; preparations for the battle, including interview with a pilot trained for the Battle; dramatisation of Churchill’s famous Battle of Britain speech; preparations for a possible invasion- food bulletins recommending thrift and economy, how to recognise Axis aircraft; number of Luftwaffe aircraft compared to the RAF; new taxes on luxuries; poor quality of some of the RAF aircraft; change to rules of golf with regard to bombs and shrapnel; German orders for the start of the attacks and the British response; first bombings; effect of the Blitz; build-up to the expected German invasion, and the British retaliation leading to the victory of the Battle of Britain. Presenters/narrators not identified.
None Identified
Taxation; UK; Military aircraft; Military personnel; Military training; Second World War (1939-1945); Aerial bombardment; Food; Reminiscence; Adolf Hitler; Wars (events); Battle of Britain (1940); RAF; Luftwaffe; Bombs; Golf; Public information; Veterans (Armed Forces); Air battles; Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

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