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A question of race

A question of race
Interview; Documentary; Vox pop
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19 Sep 1981
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A Question of Race. Part 3: Eruptions in the Melting Pot. A documentary presented by John Thompson. The programme examines on what is being said and done about race relations in Britain. Right-wing groups such as the National Front are discussed, including the tactics and literature used to promote it and recruit young members. Victims of racial attacks talk about their ordeals, and we hear different viewpoints from people in the community, including members of ethnic minority groups, the police, and academics. Speakers include: Michael Billig, Birmingham University; Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; Martin Webster, National Front; Jay Thagger; Professor Steven Rose; Martin Barker.
Margaret Thatcher; Martin Webster; John Thompson; Steven Rose; Jay Thagger; Martin Barker; Michael Billig
Interethnic relations; UK; Ethnic conflicts; National Front; Racial segregation; Ethnic groups; Multiethnic societies; Racial discimination

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