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Attack warning red
Vox pop; Feature
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26 Jul 1980
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A feature containing interviews and dramatised events describing the effects of a nuclear war, written and researched by Peter Brooks. Looks at the possibility of a nuclear attack and the reasons why Britain would be a target, other countries’ defences, explores underground complexes, and finds out what would happen should you survive. Vox pop with members of the public on what to do if a bomb dropped. Speaks to: Eric Wilcox, emergency planning officer for the West Midlands; Hugh Fraser MP; Chris Donnelly, security expert; Derek Henman, Chief Executive of West Midlands County Council; Ian Blackhouse, PR officer for Wolverhampton; Air Vice Marshal Stewart Menaul; General Sir John Hackett. Producers Peter Brooks, Andrew Smith and Richard Fisher. Programme originally from Beacon Radio (Shropshire and West Midlands).
Peter Brooks; Andrew Smith; Richard Fisher; Eric Wilcox; Hugh Fraser; Chris Donnelly; Derek Henman; Ian Blackhouse; Stewart Menaul; Beacon Radio; John Winthrop Hackett
UK; USSR; Nuclear weapons; Civil defence; Nuclear warfare; Switzerland; Manmade disasters; East West relations; Risk management

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