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Scarman report on Brixton riots

Scarman report on Brixton riots
News report; Interview; Documentary; Vox pop; Speech; Election Broadcast; Special
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12 Jul 1981
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Special report by Liz Pike(?) and Dave Loyn on the Brixton riots following Lord Scarman’s initial report on them. Also the copycat riots breaking out. Speaking are: rioters and local residents; Andy Morgan, bystander; Brian Fairbairn, police commander; Brian Butler, fireman; Cecil Gutzmore, local residents’ group; Rudy Narayan, lawyer; Ras Simi, rastafarian; Stewart Lansley, Lambeth Council; Russell Profitt, Lewisham councillor; Lord (Leslie) Scarman; shadow Home Secretary Roy Hattersley; Peter Neivens, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police; Environment Secretary Michael Heseltine; Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw; Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (part of party political broadcast). Includes recordings of the riots and Paul Davies reporting from riots in Liverpool; vox pop at Scarman’s inquiry. Music links sections.
Margaret Thatcher; Paul Davies; William Whitelaw; Michael Heseltine; Roy Hattersley; Dave Loyn; Leslie Scarman; Andy Morgan; Ras Simi; Brian Fairbairn; Cecil Gutzmore; Rudy Narayan; Russell Profitt; Peter Neivens; Stewart Lansley; Liz Pike(?)
London; Reports; Social problems; Interethnic relations; Police; Liverpool; Unemployment; Riots; Policing practice; Black peoples; Ethnic groups; Brixton; Toxteth; Scarman Report; Institutional racism

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