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1960s American history

1960s American history
Feature; Special
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Special on 1960s American history with archive actuality, news bulletins and speeches. Events covered include: Richard Nixon’s defeat in election to be Governor of California. US space programme and John Glenn’s orbit of the earth. Nuclear arms race and test ban treaty with the Soviet Union. Black civil rights movement, including stand-off at Alabama University, march on Washington and Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech (heard). Assassination and funeral of President John F. Kennedy, succession of Lyndon B. Johnson and murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. 1968 Presidential election. Soviet Union’s march into Czechoslovakia. Student power confrontations. Concluding with Apollo 8 mission and Apollo 11 moon landing. For list of speakers see contributors field, reporters not identified. Male American commentator not identified. Sound levels and quality varies.
John Lindsay; John F. Kennedy; Spiro Agnew; Richard Nixon; Martin Luther King; John Glenn; Lee Harvey Oswald; James Lovell; Neil Armstrong; Wernher von Braun; Nicholas Katzenbach; George Wallace; Lyndon B. Johnson; Richard Cushing; Hubert Humphrey; Hale Boggs; Henry Coleman; Abraham Ribicoff
California; USA; Elections; Treaties; Politics; Political marches; USSR; Demonstrations; Military affairs; Political parties; Homicide; Riots; Democratic Party; Space exploration; Moon landings; Speeches; Nuclear weapons; Black peoples; Martin Luther King; Arms control; Funerals; Richard Nixon; Presidents; Presidential candidates; Civil and political rights; Students; Czechoslovakia; John F. Kennedy; Election campaigns; Nuclear weapons testing; Space shuttles; Hubert Humphrey; Chicago; Republican Party; East West relations; John Glenn; Lee Harvey Oswald; Lyndon B. Johnson; Student unrest; Colombia College; The Sorbonne; Alabama University

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